Sorry Dems, Elizabeth Warren says no. You'll have to find someone else to lose in 2020

By —— Bio and Archives--March 12, 2018

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Sorry Dems, Elizabeth Warren says no. You'll have to find someone else to lose in 2020,
The Democratic Party is - despite the enthusiasm of its rabid base - in deep trouble right now. It has no money, no message, and a paper-thin bench of elderly white candidates which has already been largely rejected. They are searching, desperately, for anyone who will pull their flag out of the mud and carry it to victory.

Unfortunately for them, that person hasn’t shown up.


For a while, it was rumored to be Terry McAuliffe. However, his star is on the wane since a lifelong close association with the Clinton machine is not the positive it used to be. At one point it was that drooling Kennedy kid, but he doesn’t seem interested.  Bernie and Joe Biden still have their fans but, come on, let’s be serious.

The fact is that, as names would rise and fall, one remained in a consistent place of 2020 prominence. That name was Elizabeth Warren.

Sorry, Dems. Elizabeth Warren likes her current cushy gig. She’s not interested in being your 2020 loser.

I mean, she’s REALLY not interested.  ...And she’s telling you over, and over, again:

So you’re telling me there’s a chance!



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