Elitist minds, trained by elitist professors at elitist schools, find it impossible to ignore the siren call of power that manipulating data for personal gain produces

Specious arguments fuel climate lawsuits to kill autonomy

By —— Bio and Archives--March 16, 2018

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Specious arguments fuel climate lawsuits to kill autonomy
When you can’t win the argument on the merits of facts, you do the next best thing – sue.

It’s nothing new to see environmental groups lawyer up to protect fish spawning, insect habitat or weed propagation. Legal institutions, whose whole justification for existence is to give a “voice” to the non-sentient world, began to crop up in the seventies with the advent of environmental advocacy. Individuals like Robert Kennedy, jr. founded organizations like the Environmental Defense Fund to protect powerless plants and animals that man was supposedly decimating simply by walking the earth.


Assault on building the border wall

Most recently, California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra spearheaded a joint assault on building the border wall with a bogus claim that it would “imperil endangered species including the Quino checkerspot butterfly and the Mexican flannel bush.” The judge hearing the case wisely ruled in favor of the Department of Homeland Security shutting down the California AG and his environmental chorus line.

The ongoing practice of using the courts as a war club against citizens working to improve this nation’s prosperity and food supply has now reached a new low and, of course, the cases originate from the fanatical Left Coast.

Hiding behind media-darling animals and government designated endangered vegetation has now expanded to exploiting our own children in an attempt to manipulate government. Wednesday’s student walkout engineered by social authoritarians masquerading as teachers and statesmen notwithstanding, the case brought on behalf of children, claiming their futures are being destroyed by climate change, stretches the limits of reason.

Our Children’s Trust, which brought the suit Juliana v. U.S., is not comprised of deprived youngsters. It is a legal organization formed expressly to use children as a front to advance its environmental agenda. Twenty-one credulous teens (now adults) and children have become the face of a politically inspired case attempting to enforce policy promoting the concept that global warming is curtailing their future. The premise of the case is the unproven and specious argument that mankind (peoplekind, if you’re Canada’s PM) has the power to “stabilize the climate” and thus, these poor, disadvantaged children’s opportunity to live fully, or live at all. Joining the legal assault is Earth Guardians, another eco-trust created to elevate the importance of the earth above that of citizens who inhabit it.

It wasn’t a surprise that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals would deny a writ of mandamus filed by the Trump Administration to sideline the circus. Believing that government has the power to enact laws that have any affect on the climate lacks logic on every level and yet nations, and now a couple states, keep trying to pass treaties and legislation to that end. It’s hard to know which is worse, the arrogance of thinking humanity can change the climate or the arrogance of forcing others to kowtow to that belief system.

Unable to win the argument on provable facts, the bullying has become entrenched in the judicial system

Unable to win the argument on provable facts, the bullying has become entrenched in the judicial system. Starting with the 2006 ruling by the Supreme Court giving CO2 the status of a noxious “greenhouse” gas in Massachusetts v. EPA, the courts have become science arbiters without being trained scientists. Knowing they can show up in court with a contrived poignant tale, the environmental lobbyists have gone hog wild claiming everything causes climate change (neé Global Warming) and that climate change is stealing all benefits of life, including that of helpless children.

Adding to this off-the-rails train of “logic” is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s threat to sue oil companies for murder. Truthfully, it’s hard to digest how far militant environmentalists are willing to go when their agenda is to fully dismantle Western social constructs in favor of tyranny ruling from the throne of unsupported climate “science.”

One obvious instance that blows away the idea of man killing off the environment with his evil plots to flood the earth with oil, is the result of the tragic and disastrous explosion of Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. The knee-jerk reaction by President Obama to close up offshore drilling turned out to be pointless. Without any help from man, the earth’s natural ability to heal itself went to work, and less than six years later the water showed no trace of the oil that had spilled unabated into the sea for nearly three months. There is no diminishing the heartbreak of lives that were lost or the damage that occurred but claiming oil producers “murder” populations is unsupported lunacy.

If it weren’t for the beckoning of authority that inserting so-called climate science into government offers to self-satisfied know-it-alls, there’d be no challenge to building prosperity in America. Elitist minds, trained by elitist professors at elitist schools, find it impossible to ignore the siren call of power that manipulating data for personal gain produces. And a judiciary willing to sacrifice its integrity on the altar of “science” is the route of least resistance to force compliance.


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