It remains to be seen if Americans will be able to look through the anti-Trump propaganda by the media, feel confident enough to withstand being called a homophobic, misogynistic racist for voting for Trump and be brave enough to enjoy a better life

Spygate is More Damaging Than Watergate

By —— Bio and Archives--June 1, 2018

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Spygate is More Damaging Than Watergate
As the summer of 2018 approaches, Americans look forward to enjoying the seasons’ leisurely activities, such as a bar-b-q with friends and maybe a summertime flick.  And as daily life in the United States appears to be healthy and business, as usual, nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a nation, we have been forced to witness the realities of how deeply corrupt and criminal some of our most trusted institutions have become.

Border lining on the unthinkable, it has now been revealed that there was and still is a coordinated covert operation on the part of senior members of the DOJ and FBI to surreptitiously change a Presidental election. A term that accurately identifies the actions of these individuals is treason.


As Americans begin to understand the details of what has become known as “Spygate” they may start to think back to the days when the 37th President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon had to resign in disgrace due to covering up a break-in into the Democratic party headquarters at the Watergate building in 1972.  In a real sense, Spygate is much more than just the F.B.I. placing a spy within the Trump campaign, the word encompasses every fraudulent and criminal activity that was taken by the U.S. government in order to unConstitutionally select the next President of The United States.  Hence, the two crimes are strikingly similar with one exception.  Spygate dwarfs Watergate in both scope and design. Whereas with Watergate there was an attempt to undermine the Democrat Presidential campaign before the election, the Spygate conspirators also tried to accomplish that goal, but then after the unthinkable happened and Hillary Clinton lost, they took the additional steps to overthrow a duly elected President which is commonly referred to as a coupe. 

The conspirators realized that the Trump win meant that their treasonist activities would eventually be exposed and so they doubled down on their efforts to impeach Trump.  Another glaring difference between Watergate and Spygate is seen soon after the Watergate break-in, where a connection between some of the five men arrested and President Nixon surfaced. The media, in particular, Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, surmised that at some point President Nixon had to be aware of the crime and with the help of “Deep Throat,” the rest is history. 

Today, the politically corrupt press ignores the instincts of their predecessors in the media who sent Nixon packing. Instead, they turn a blind eye to the probable ties President Obama has with the conspirators and their plan to allow a guilty Hillary Clinton to run for President by exonerating her of all her crimes and the plan to thwart the nations decision to elect Trump as President.  Not only does today’s media never entertain the possibility of an Obama connection but they attack and discredit witnesses pointing in Obama’s direction.

The F.B.I and D.O.J are now political. American politics is a dirty business, but the level of criminality under the Obama administration is perhaps without equal. So pervasive, destructive and so widespread was the illegal activity that it continues to wreak havoc on the American people in nearly every area of life.  The term “contempt of Congress” has become almost routine and lost its shock value. Heads of once respected departments indignantly act with impunity and mock anyone they deem foolish enough to seek justice.

The facts surrounding Spygate have been shown to be stranger than fiction. In fact, the evidence continues to shed light into the depths of what has been identified as the swamp.  The torrid and wretched Obama legacy provides clear proof that the IRS did, and some believe still does target conservatives for their beliefs.  The Department of Justice did, in fact, refuse to prosecute Hillary Clinton for numerous felonies she committed while working as Secretary of State and the Office of Special Counsel is currently conducting a sham investigation into a crime that does not exist to continue efforts to overthrow a sitting President.

So the first decision the American people must make is to whether or not continue dredging the swamp in all its ugliness. Exposing just how seedy and evil our government has become can be disturbing to many Americans who only ask to live in peace.  So insidious are the illegal activities, and so entrenched is the lawless culture in Washington that taking corrective actions seems akin to a dentist drilling out the cavities and removing massive decay while fearing the possible result of a toothless mouth.

The second decision confronting Americans is the selection in the coming November midterm elections.  Additional spending money, safer streets and a more secure planet do not come without a cost. It remains to be seen if Americans will be able to look through the anti-Trump propaganda by the media, feel confident enough to withstand being called a homophobic, misogynistic racist for voting for Trump and be brave enough to enjoy a better life in America.


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Rick Hayes lives in the epicenter of liberal land where reality and truth will never encounter a welcome mat.

An award-winning writer and photographer, with over twenty years of professional experience in both fields, Hayes started his journalism adventure after a successful, eye-opening career as a Banker in Wall Street.  Although he spent his early work life surrounded by custom made shirts, expensive ties and the shiniest of shoes, Hayes was an accomplished singer, cutting a few records with a local band and appearing on one of the first cable shows.

Working for a weekly New York paper, in one of the most politically corrupt areas in the State, he began investing his time trying to understand the nature of corruption.

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