I do not see the point of trying to find common ground with progressives

State of Play

By —— Bio and Archives--October 9, 2018

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State of Play
I don’t think it will serve any real purpose to rehash the despicable behavior of the media, the Left and the Democrats as they collectively tried to block a good man from assuming a position on the Supreme Court. What I do think is important is speaking frankly about the current state of play in this country and why being Iowa Nice is not working and will not work when it comes to dealing with those who wish to alter the results of a duly concluded election.


Far Left has no intention of ever compromising on any level, on any point, on any issue

I was on the Simon Conway Show recently and a caller admonished Simon and me for being so hard over against seeking common ground with the “other side.” The caller thought that nothing could ever be accomplished if “we” were not willing to have an open dialogue with the Left. Frankly, I thought the caller displayed an incredible level of naivete’. I am not being critical, just observant. What my caller friend seems to not realize is that there is no give on the Left. Zero. Zip. Nada.

I have studied the Far Left for more than two decades now. I have also studied conservatism, the founding of this nation, the Constitution and the unvarnished history of this nation. In all of that exposure, I can say without qualification that the Far Left has no intention of ever compromising on any level, on any point, on any issue.

The default position of the Far Left is to attack if they encounter disagreement. They attack their own and quickly bring errant children to heel. They look at dealing with conservatives as a blood sport and will do whatever it takes to take down the issue, and if they cannot do that, they will engage in the politics of personal destruction to destroy the individual.

I do not see the point of trying to find common ground with progressives. They consider us the enemy, so being forewarned is being forearmed, and the fight is not about right or left—it’s about right and wrong.


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Samuel H. Clovis, Jr., Doctor of Public Administration
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Sam Clovis was raised in Kansas and attended the United States Air Force Academy, serving for 25 years on active duty as a fighter pilot.  He retired as a Colonel and the Inspector General of NORAD and the United States Space Command.

Sam served as a Fellow at the Homeland Security Institute, contributing in national preparedness and immigration policy.  He recently served as a tenured full professor of economics at Morningside College.

Sam has a BS from the Academy, an MBA from Golden Gate University and a doctorate from the University of Alabama.  He served as national co-chair and chief policy advisor for the Trump for President Campaign, was a policy director during the transition period and served as the Senior White House Advisor to the US Department of Agriculture.  He currently lives in rural Iowa.

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