Involvement in local education is the best way to turn the tide on these upside-down and plainly disjointed teaching theories

Strange bedfellows devising school curricula

By —— Bio and Archives--May 24, 2018

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Strange bedfellows devising school curricula
The misconstrued separation of church and state has taken some incoherent twists and turns over the last few years creating the strangest of bedfellows that puts new emphasis on the old adage of “sleeping with the enemy.”

It doesn’t seem to matter which school district is in the limelight when so many are buckling to popular liberal thought that is replacing true science with pseudoscience, invading curricula, especially for elementary and middle school students.


From California and Texas to Tennessee and West Virginia, schools are caving to the cultural pressure of being “inclusive” regarding Islamic teachings, bending over backwards to supply experiential activities like dressing up in burqas and dabbling in “calligraphy” copying the shahada, i.e. submission to allah.

Under the guise of introducing students to world religions, in some cases calling it world history, assignments have been leaning toward teaching tenets of Islam, including professions of faith, rather than the religion’s history. There is a difference and if an assignment were given that included scriptures from the Bible the leftist educators would raise hell. Not so regarding Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam or other non-Judeo-Christian faiths.

The strange bedfellows point comes up when school districts also feel a necessity to “unteach” pupils about sex—biological sex, that is. They’re all in for creating syllabi that outline how to engage in physical intimacy with other people but to acknowledge that there is a physiological difference between male and female? Not so much.

The growing trend in curriculum development from district to district is to fawn over the trappings and teachings of Islam all the while encouraging the notion that there are more than 60 “genders” and biology has no bearing on sex.

Does anyone else see a fatal flaw in the logic here?

Islam, in particular, is unforgiving in its principles when it comes to sex and the difference between male and female. It does not tolerate homosexuality, let alone the concept of multiple “genders” that individuals can self-apply and change on a whim. The intolerance is so stark, in fact, that honor killings of homosexuals and anyone else who strays from the fundamentalist forms within the many sects of Islam are spreading into western nations. In America, these religious acts of violence and murder directly violate common law and our Constitution.

The one thing the curriculum benders have in common is that they defy science.

On the one hand, liberal educators claim science is king yet now school districts like the one in Fairfax, Virginia have proclaimed that there is no such thing as biological sex. They have embraced emotional outbursts over clear evidence of physical differences between male and female plainly in evidence from birth. If this is the case, they may as well junk the idea of procuring medical assistance to students because by rejecting a basic of human physiology they reject the heart of medicine. Considering how Fairfax County is one of the top 10 spenders on education in the nation and this non-science science is what they teach, it’s no wonder we’re failing our youth.

As to teaching tenets of the Quran, science is also set aside to promote religious doctrine that educators have long-since called unrealistic and unverifiable. Attempting to draw the line between church and state, school districts ousted prayer and reference to the Bible decades ago. They have also called religion and science incompatible following the Marxist precept that “religion is the opium of the people,” which has been incorporated into the profession via teachers’ unions for more than a century.

Still, in complete contradiction to most education administrators’ acceptance of communism, religious texts and ceremonies are being introduced as part of the required curriculum in many schools, to the point of undermining the faiths taught to students at home.

May the head-scratching ensue, if it hasn’t already.

But don’t stop there. Involvement in local education is the best way to turn the tide on these upside-down and plainly disjointed teaching theories. It may even mean running for the school board to re-institute some semblance of common sense. If anything is going to come from government, it best be instigated by citizens with a clue taking a seat at the district table.


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