$60 million on the Diversity Gardens project

Taxpayers can’t afford the bill for Diversity Gardens

By -- Todd MacKay – CTF Prairie Director—— Bio and Archives--July 29, 2017

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PRINCE ALBERT, SK: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on federal, provincial and municipal governments to reverse their decision to spend $60 million on the Diversity Gardens project while running massive deficits.

“These governments are plunging Manitobans deeper into debt by billions; they continue to impose heavy tax burdens; and, they’re struggling to fund basic services such as healthcare and road repair; but, they have tens of millions for a new garden?” asked Todd MacKay, the CTF’s Prairie Director. “This country has a rich heritage of diversity that we nourish in our neighbourhoods and it’s wonderful to enjoy plant life in nature, but we have to say no to these luxury projects at a time when we’re borrowing money to run hospitals and fix roads.”

The announcement for the Diversity Gardens will be divided up as follows: up to $35 million—Government of Canada; $15 million—Government of Manitoba; and, $10 million—City of Winnipeg.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government is projecting an operational deficit of $28.5 billion this year. The Manitoba government is projecting an operational deficit of $840 million and it was hit with another credit rating downgrade just this month. Winnipeg city hall has increased the cost of taxes and fees by an average of $802 per homeowner since 2014.

“Let’s make this simple: we can’t afford to pay $60 million for a garden right now no matter how nice it is,” said MacKay. “Hopefully when it opens in 2018, taxpayers can find a quiet corner in the Diversity Garden where they can reflect on just how much money governments are borrowing on their behalf.”

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