• The “Kathleen Wynne Moving Company” highlights how unaffordable government policies move businesses and families out of Ontario
• The campaign includes a 16-foot “Wynne Moving Company” truck that will be visiting communities across Ontario

Taxpayers Federation launches satirical “Kathleen Wynne Moving Company” to highlight exo

By -- Christine Van Geyn, CTF Ontario Director —— Bio and Archives--October 3, 2017

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TORONTO, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is launching the satirical “Kathleen Wynne Moving Company” to highlight how government policies are making Ontario unaffordable, and forcing businesses and families out of Ontario.

“Whether it’s unaffordable electricity, rapid increases to the cost of labour, or new taxes, Ontario is becoming unaffordable because of the Wynne government’s policies,” said CTF Ontario director, Christine Van Geyn. “So many of our supporters have said that these policies are so bad, Wynne might as well have packed the moving boxes herself. That’s what gave us the idea for this satirical moving company.”

The Kathleen Wynne Moving Company and 16-foot truck will be visiting communities across the province, with a focus on places that have been hit hard with job losses due to companies leaving the province. Stops include Brockville, Sudbury, Chatham-Kent, London and Hamilton.

The campaign was launched at Plasticap, a manufacturer in Richmond Hill, and member of the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers. Company General Manager Peter Gossmann said “we love Ontario and are going to continue to do business here. But government policies are making it harder and harder to be competitive. With high electricity bills, cap and trade and a rapid hike in minimum wage, we are seeing businesses close up or relocate, and it’s easy to understand why.”

Coalition founder, Jocelyn Bamford, said “I hope this tour will get the government to pay attention to how their actions are hurting businesses. Businesses aren’t the enemy, and this government needs to stop treating us like we are.”

Full details of the tour, including live GPS-tracking of the truck, and a petition are available at WynnesMovingCompany.ca.

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