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Ted Cruz: If criticizing judges is so awful, why are Dems gleefully trashing Neil Gorsuch?

By —— Bio and Archives--March 23, 2017

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Unless you’ve just come back from a long stay in the woods, you probably know that Donald Trump has been vocal in his disdain for certain federal judges.  They’ve basically ignored or rewritten the law to block his travel bans, and he’s none too pleased.  This has given the left a serious case of the faux-outrage-vapors.

They’ve been running around like decapitated chickens, screaming about the President’s supposed assault on the judiciary

They’ve been running around like decapitated chickens, screaming about the President’s supposed assault on the judiciary. It’s the usual pap that we expect to hear whenever they feel the need to gin up an issue: “How dare this madman complain about clear cases of judicial activism?  He’s undermining the cornerstone of our democracy! He’s probably just like Hitler.”

Meanwhile, we’ve all been watching the Senate confirmation hearings for President Trump’s first SCOTUS nominee. Dems have made every effort to undermine the appointment, and even did their best to play the “sexism” card.  They’ve failed miserably, but the effort to discredit Trump’s pick has been obvious.  Eventually, Ted Cruz noticed that these oh-so-apoplectic Democrats may complain about the Commander in Chief’s comments, but they certainly have no problem impugning the character, record, and career of Neil Gorsuch….

As Cruz says, hearings like this are part of the process.  Democrats have every right to grill a SCOTUS appointee.  However, their politically motivated attacks in this case have been so meritless - so utterly and completely transparent - that his point stands.

A gaggle of partisan hack Senators have decided to rail against Neil Gorsuch as a petty way of attacking the President, as well as the broader GOP. This, despite the fact that at least two of them (Patrick Leahy and Dianne Feinstein) supported Gorsuch’s Court of Appeals nomination back in 2006.

Their ever-expanding hypocrisy is as blatant as it is odious.

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