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That was quick: FBI has already told Feinstein it won’t act on her Kavanaugh dirty trick letter

By —— Bio and Archives--September 14, 2018

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That was quick: FBI has already told Feinstein it won’t act on her Kavanaugh dirty trick letterThis was a predictable as Monday coming at the beginning of the week, but it’s still one of the dirtiest of dirty tricks you’ll ever see in politics.

Brett Kavanaugh is sailing toward confirmation, Democrats are laying a glove on him . . . and what do you know? Suddenly we learn Dianne Feinstein has been in possession of a letter – for months, mind you – that supposedly alleges some sexual hanky panky from Kavanaugh’s high school days. No one knows for sure what’s in the letter, because as is usually the case Democrats are getting the word out via leaks and innuendo.


But in an obvious move designed to imply criminal wrongdoing, Feinstein let the world know on Thursday afternoon that she had turned the letter over to the FBI.

Now why would you do that? The FBI investigates violations of federal law. What federal law a 16-year-old can violate that’s of a sexual nature is a mystery to me, since such matters are questions of state law, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that, by giving it to the FBI and making it known she had done so, Feinstein gave the left the opportunity to crow about “criminal sexual conduct” or whatever without having to back it up with anything substantive.

And the FBI was quick to make it known there’s nothing in this letter that’s of interest to them:

According to a person familiar with the matter, the FBI does not now plan to launch a criminal investigation of the matter, which would normally be handled by local authorities, if it was within the statute of limitations. The FBI instead passed the material to the White House, as an update to Kavanaugh’s background check, which already had been completed, the person said. The move is similar to what the bureau did when allegations were leveled against former White House aide Rob Porter.

An FBI official said, “Upon receipt of the information on the night of September 12, we included it as part of Judge Kavanaugh’s background file, as per the standard process.”

I have no idea if anything ever happened between Brett Kavanaugh and some girl when they were teenagers. I have no idea if the contents of this letter have any basis in fact.

But I do know this: Feinstein admits she’s had the letter in her possession since July and has sat on it. If there was anything serious or actionable in it, she could and should have said so long before now. They only reason to deal it at all at this point is to try to cut into Kavanaugh’s credibility via a whisper campaign. The tricks don’t get much dirtier than that.

I don’t know how the liberals who are going around complaining about the character of Donald Trump can look at the behavior of those in their own party and not feel complete and utter embarrassment. Brett Kavanaugh is going to be on the Supreme Court, however much of a hissy fit they may throw about it. And he will probably be part of many rulings that cut against the left’s desire to see left-wing judges govern from the bench in the absence of election victories by Democrats.

They can’t stop him because there is no reason to stop him, so instead they pull predictable and pathetic garbage like this. And everyone knew they would, because it’s what they do.

Don’t shake your finger at people for being “Trump supporters” when you support dirtbags like this.


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