Freedom is fragile! If complacency prevails we all lose

The Biggest Threat to Freedom

By —— Bio and Archives--August 6, 2010

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Complacency!  Surely it’s the biggest threat to freedom in America. While closet communists and Marxists boldly go about neutering the U.S. Constitution, far too many Americans have become so self-absorbed, so distracted by entertainment and amusement that an over-reaching and over bearing government can easily dictate the terms to which citizens must comply.


There may some whining and some resistance, but far too many Americans simply accept the changes, not being fully aware that the Bill of Rights is methodically being stripped of its God inspired liberties.

Hollywood feeds a steady diet immorality, unethical behavior, and political correctness

Complacency is found in every corner of this great country as we have raised a couple generations for which history has been rewritten or completely ignored. In our mass media which relishes its far left agenda we have the cheering section for socialism. And from Hollywood we are fed a steady diet of immorality, unethical behavior, and political correctness.

Many still think this is a Christian nation, but even the definition of Christian has been blurred by many so-called Christian churches as to accept the gods of this world instead of the God of creation.  

Ask the average American what he or she thinks about any current hot topic and you’ll get an opinion—but ask them what they intend to do about it and you’ll be met with silence. What we need are not-so-average Americans who recognize that, as so aptly stated by Edmund Burke, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!”

In America today we value our privacy more than community. But this country was founded on the principles of a covenant relationship, a bond that was strong and where the people could count on one another. Today we have allowed the government to replace this relationship with a dependency in which we no longer need our neighbors, our churches, our organizations.

Freedom is fragile! If complacency prevails we all lose

We have turned inward and in doing so have shut out much of the concerns for our fellow man. In short, our complacency will bring us to the point where freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.

Have we passed the point of no return? Has complacency won out? No, not yet. There is a growing awareness of what we could truly lose if we allow our freedoms to be eroded. There are many who have left “complacency” to ride a wave of renewed patriotism and traditional American values. 

Sometimes it takes a tsunami of threats to our God given freedoms to move us to action. If His plan for America was putting certain people in power that are bent on enslaving us in order to wake us from complacency and into action, then the plan is working!

Freedom is fragile! If complacency prevails we all lose.


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Dave Macy (aka: Dave Deppisch) spent 30 years as a conservative talk host on a variety of stations in markets like Atlanta, Nashville, Toledo, and Ft. Wayne. He was drawn out of his profession into the ministry and now serves as an associate pastor. He preaches several times a year and is also available to bring his unique style of common sense conservative talk along with his faith in Jesus Christ to any setting that is looking for a speaker with humor, common sense, and Christian values.

He is the author of DoubtFreeLiving.com,and has been privileged to speak at CBN and appear as a guest on World Harvest TV.

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