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The Deep State entrenched itself and after decades they apparently expected no opposition


By —— Bio and Archives--June 19, 2017

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I received a message a few days ago and the sender said he did not like Obama but neither did he like a “bumbling fool.”

The Democrats and Media have done this to us: They only show what they consider bad about President Trump and little or nothing about the good he wants and has already accomplished. This is the Left’s current political strategy.

Democrats want to make Trump look like a “bumbling fool” and the Media love to present him this way. One of the things they don’t show is how too many “Republicans” also oppose him,  nor do they show how Trump has accomplished a lot of what he promised, regardless of too-little support from the “Republican” Congress. He is being fought every step of the way. Some of those who fight him pretend to be his friends.

Remember how the House opposed Newt Gingrich and his “100 Days” promises in the “Contract with America” until there were only a few items on his list to accomplish it? Those few remaining items were fought hard! He did get them all through within a few days after the promised 100 Days but the Democrats opposed him because they wanted him to fail in his promise to get all those things done. They also wanted to portray him as a “bumbling fool.”

It is now the same with Trump. They want him to look like a failed president. They know that if he gets what he wants done, especially those things he promised in the first term, and was elected as the most popular candidate for presidency, he’ll be reelected. The Democrats cannot allow this to happen; they are sooo close to accomplishing their long-fought-for goals.

Democrats know that the majority of We the People wanted him to be president mostly because of his promises. His voters included a whale of a lot of Democrats and if he does what he promised, he will be reelected. Scary, isn’t it? Especially if you are a Democrat…

Democrats brought to life the “lesser of evils” idea for political purposes as if it were a negative instead of a positive. Under strict analysis, the “lesser of evils” is still better… However, they now want to be seen as the lesser of evils but they cannot do it unless they make Trump look more and more evil. Therefore, THIS is now their goal — until a better one for them comes along.

Trump got his Supreme Court pick and the Left hates it and hates him for doing it. For one reason, Reid’s political trick was used against them. But it’s done and they know it’s a waste of time to keep beating that dead horse. So what do they do? Invent another issue like Russian Collusion in the election.

The Left/Democrats know there’s nothing to the Russian Collusion charge but they and the Media keep hammering away at it until they have unthinking Democrats and some mindless Republicans wondering if there must be something to it. If not, it would have already gone away, they are led to think. The resistance to the idea of Russian Collusion will then fade, also one of their goals, and they will then accept it as fact. Note that this process, repetitive hammering of an idea until resistance fades and it is then accepted, is in line with the principles of propaganda.

The Democrats had a tall black man running up and down steps like a Superman (compared with John McCain) and they loved it. They are all about perception. They now want the perception of Donald Trump to be one of a bumbling fool.

You have to understand the Left’s goals and strategy to better make sure they don’t win. The “opposition” thinks that if Trump is allowed to get his plans through without resistance from Democrats AND some Republicans, the Democrat Party will be on its way to the death chambers of history and this is what they fear most.

Having a two party system has paid off for hard core politicians and they want to keep it that way. Where there is no opposition, there are no lawyers; where there are no lawyers, there are practically no politicians. It’s this simple.

Consider the old saying: “When Generals win all the wars, what will they do, fight peace?” This is similar to another old saying: “When all disease is cured, what will doctors do? Become health experts?” By the way, this latter is already being done to the degree that diseases are finding cures.

Continued below...

The Left/Democrats and the Media are fighting Trump tooth and nail and this includes his family (which Obama said was “off limits” in his case!) and also Trump’s staff and advisors. Anyone who accepts and is for Trump is an enemy. This is what we saw from Bill O’Reilly in his final days. Now they are trying to eliminate Sean Hannity, pretty much the most heard Media voice opposing the politics of the Left — which is in reality the Deep State Government.

The Deep State entrenched itself and after decades they apparently expected no opposition. They pretend to be good Americans but they are not! The Deep State is all about overturning traditional government and establishing a new one that they think is better. This is being done in ways that border on treason.

We have to be smarter than they are and at least one step ahead of them. They do not sleep… While good Republicans try to straighten out the mess we have now, the Democrats sit up nights and dream up more ways to attack America. They think the Status Quo is somehow evil, that it is something to be attacked and destroyed.

The Left wants change even where change is not needed or desirable. Why? Because they want to be the ones to manage change and what is left after they have eliminated the old system. However, remember that “the old” is what won wars. However, by the time we got into Korea and Vietnam, that “old way of thinking” was going out the door.

The goal of the Left is not to win wars, anymore. It’s to move the enemy toward and into our level, thinking that if they do this, “equalizing the enemy,” that then there will be no more reason to fight. Liberal strategy is to Equalize instead of Decimate the enemy and win the war. Where it comes to politics, though, the goal not the same. It is to simply destroy the enemy.

The Left think this way because they have no concept of history. They think this way because they insist on the socialist principle of “out with the old and in with the new.”

The problem is that Liberals think their “new” is better than the “old” that served us so well in the past. They are the thinkers, though and not the doers… And we must also never forget that they are geniuses. If you don’t think and believe it, just ask them!

Bob Lunsford -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Mr. Lunsford is a retired DoD telecommunications engineer, linguist and world traveler now living in eastern Kentucky. Still active in radio communications, he has several books copyrighted, one of which is now in final process of publication. He is politically motivated and, as much as possible, politically active.

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