Hollywood filled the screens with murder, violence and sex and influenced the culture in the process. If we live in an amoral corrupt society, then we can thank Hollywood and it's celebrities for it

The college entrance exam scam: The tip of a huge amoral iceberg

By —— Bio and Archives--March 14, 2019

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The college entrance exam scam: The tip of a huge amoral icebergThe college entrance exam scam, perpetrated by Hollywood celebrities and academics, is only the tip of a huge amoral iceberg that Hollywood spawned. Lying, cheating and buying influence pales in comparison to the amorality that Hollywood ingrates promote. Celebrities not only use their wealth and influence to get their children into universities, that are falsely perceived as the upper crust of academia, they also use their wealth and fame to negatively influence the masses.


Moreover, Hollywood celebrities have the power to influence and change social and moral norms, and they have used their influence to promote amorality and narcissism. Hollywood celebrities cover up for serial rapists and even applaud Hollywood elites who rape children. I’m talking about the Harvey Weinstein cover up that lasted for years before it was finally exposed, and the standing ovation that Hollywood celebrities gave Roman Polanski, a child rapist, in 2003. They even project their amoral lifestyle onto the public through movies disguised as entertainment.

In the old days, movie heroes never murdered innocent people, used foul language or had sex with numerous women. Either the hero won the girl in the end, and they married and lived happily ever after, or the hero rode off into the sunset. Heroes didn’t use women strictly for sexual pleasure; they put them on a pedestal and protected them. Women were real people back then instead of objects of pleasure. And heroes didn’t invade people’s homes and murder anyone who resisted them. By the same token, heroines did not murder people, constantly utter foul language, have indiscriminate sex or abortions. They were moral, respectable, empathetic and courageous.

Then, in the 1960s, movie heroes morphed into anti-heroes with no better morals than the bad guys. The heroes wore black hats and had illicit sex with numerous women, in some cases forcibly, stole from others, used drugs and murdered anyone in their way, often for profit. Right after Hollywood brought America’s heroes down to the same level as common criminals, America experienced an escalation of violence, rape, drug use and free sex, and then came Maud and abortion was legalized.

Before Hollywood turned America’s heroes into the equivalent of villains, school shootings were unheard of, and we didn’t have to lock the door behind us, out of fear of home invaders, when we came home at night. The culture reflected what Hollywood promoted. Everyone tried to be like their favorite movie hero (honest, trustworthy, empathetic and courageous). The same thing is true today, except nowadays the hero is a foul mouthed, amoral murderer, and the brainless fans emulate that behavior.

Moreover, Hollywood played their part, as did the mainstream media, in the destruction of goodness and morality in America. They not only influenced the behavior of people by example, they conditioned people to accept ruthlessness and amorality by exhibiting those qualities publicly in movies. Self gratification at the expense of others is now the hallmark of most Hollywood heroes whom are almost always immoral atheists.

In literature, the devil is usually portrayed as a trickster who bargains for souls. Satan offers wealth, power and fame in exchange for a person’s soul. He promises to fulfill their lusts and desires in return for their souls, but there’s always a devilish twist. Those who sell their souls lose respect and empathy for others and eventually fall into disgrace. If Hollywood elites and celebrities had not sold their souls, then they wouldn’t be as disgraceful as they are today.

Finally, Hollywood filled the screens with murder, violence and sex and influenced the culture in the process. If we live in an amoral corrupt society, then we can thank Hollywood and it’s celebrities for it. It’s Hollywood’s and many celebrity’s contribution to society, and we should give them the credit they really deserve - a Lucifer award and a one way ticket to Venezuela.

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