The modern day Pope presiding over today's inquisition of naysayers of Man Made Global Climate Change is of course Al Gore

The Consensus, Is It Always Right?

By —— Bio and Archives--June 12, 2011

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The verdict is in, we do not need further debate on the issue of so called man made Global Warming or Climate Change. After all a consensus of scientists and activists say that man is the root cause of any change in the weather, it is because man is evil and the use of fossil fuels that the earth is set is on a path of destruction.  From the recent storms in the Midwest and South, to the recent heat wave that the majority of the country is experiencing we have those that would like to equate shifts in weather patterns that once you look back in history you will notice that have occurred throughout time.


Listen up naysayers to this Theory, you are nothing more than propagandists to some, after all it has been reached by a consensus that we are at fault for giving the planet a disease. We are nothing more than a bump in the road to reaching a perfect coexistence between humans and nature. It is through our efforts of resistance that governments cannot get a perfect consensus of people to go along with the shifting of wealth from the more prosperous nations to the least prosperous nation through a carbon credit exchange. You know the purchase of puffs of air to make you feel good that you are saving the planet one credit at a time. After all we were presented with a hockey stick example of how it is due to our insensible disregard to all the brilliance of those that have been telling us that it is us, man and only man that has lead to shifts in climate and that the consensuses is out and that it is no longer debatable. How dare we disregard all the intelligence of these most brilliant of people? How dare we question the motives of these people? After all they just want to heal the planets disease after all.

  “A long time ago a bunch of people reached a general consensus as to what’s real and what’s not and most of us have been going along with it ever since.” ~  Charles de Lint

Group think or a consensus should never be questioned after all. This is what we are being led to believe in the debate over Global Warming or Climate Change the ever evolving word play to fashion peoples emotions to go along with the theory of mans assault on the planet. Where ever would we be, if we ever questioned this type of mentality? Would we have ever changed the consensus that existed that the planet was flat and not round? How dare someone question that long held theory that persisted with the most intelligent among us at the time? How dare someone spread “Propaganda” that the Earth was round? After all was there not a consensus at the time that if you sailed a ship of into the horizon that you would fall off the edge of the Earth? The most noted scholars of the day all were in a consensus that this was true and you had to go along with them because after all how could you spread such disinformation and go against the consensus?

Scientists that do not go along with the consensus of their colleagues all must be disgruntle or out for personal monetary gain as we have been led to believe by some. How dare they not go along with the group think! After all the planet is facing a disease and if you are not on board with what has been told to the public and world officials you are a heathen and need to be brought into the fold of the consensus. How dare you go against the established hierarchy? How dare those that have not fallen for the established group think oppose the junk science that has been put out? How dare anyone cite the cycles that the earth has experienced over its long history? We have to fall in line with the consensus after all that man is the primary cause of and shifts in climate or weather for that matter. We need to fall in line and line up to pay for our puffs of air, we need to radically alter our way of life and reduce any further thoughts of individual questioning to anything the so called most intelligent among us are propagating. We should no longer question just where the money will be going to with the new programs such as the cap and trade that our friends on the left would like to push us into. We should no longer question the motivations driving this in the United Nations and the motives of those that are set to profit the most from this shift in wealth. Never question the consensus!

If the consensus of these brilliant minds came out today and told us that we have had it wrong all along about how the Earth rotates around the Sun, how dare we question them after all it is a consensus of scientist that have come to this conclusion right? Never mind that at one time this was the consensus and it was heresy to question or say any different. One such person that bucked the consensus group think mentality was Galileo, he was persecuted in his time for doing so, just as those today are persecuted for not going along with the group think of Climate Change. If it was not for his audacity to take on those that were telling people that the verdict was out and that the universe revolved around the Earth how would we have ever moved past what we were told by a bunch of people that wanted us to go along with that thought? Will the new religion of Climate Change in time condemn those of us that do not go along with the hypothesis of hokey stick science to house arrest as the Catholic Church did so long ago to Galileo? What if we refuse to pay our tithe to this new religion through carbon credits, will we be brought before a new inquisition and charged as a menace to the health of the diseased planet? 

The modern day Pope presiding over today’s inquisition of naysayers of Man Made Global Climate Change is of course Al Gore, he has already told us that there needs to be no further debate on the subject and that we all have to conform to the mob mentality that since he and his cadre of like minded have deemed it to be true that it must be so. How much money has he personally gained from pushing this theory? How many personal freedoms are we willing to give up to support the mob on this issue? How much liberty are you willing to forgo so that some can feel better about themselves that they can fundamentally transform a public that is skeptical of the consensus group think mentality of the mob that deems that you are at fault for any shifts in the climate? Never mind that the climate is in an ever evolving nature and that we have experienced as a planet ice ages and warming periods. Never mind that for any shift from the norm these folks would like you to believe that it is you through your existence and footprint on the planet that is the cause of its so called disease.

Group think and following along with a consensus does not always equate to the truth. Mob mentality has shown time and again the dangers that exist when led along like a string of sheep to the slaughter.  The consensus in Germany in the 30’s led to the rise of Hitler and the consensus in the early half of the last century led to the communist rise to power in Russia. What will a consensus group think to an unproven scientific theory that it is due to man, that eventually the climate may shift from what we have experienced for the better half of recorded history?

Is following the consensus group think always the right thing to do and what if we never question such though?


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