Stating the Obvious--It's Easier to Destroy than Build an Empire

The Dark Solipsism of Barack: Why a “Leadership” Vacuum May Not Bother Him at All

By —— Bio and Archives--September 17, 2013

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Obama has now been officially categorized as a failed president of foreign policy. Perhaps it’s now only a matter of time before his transparent ineptness is blamed for America’s domestic debacle of the last 5 years. But what if there were a different interpretation of Barack, his values and decision making?


Consider an entirely contrary scenario—that Obama is using his power and influence to repeatedly create confusion, chaos and decline—all the while playing himself off as progressively—either a stunningly astute political magi, an idealistic genius of a professor, or now a bumbling nincompoop of a leader approximating Barney Fife in the Oval Office. Yet, all the while underneath a glowering and highly committed Marxist revolutionary. Solipsism is, by the way, the sense that only one person’s opinion exists, that only one way of seeing things matters. It is malignant monomania—the default worldview of the tyrant.

Having now heard the universe of opinion on Barack—anywhere from being a messiah to a devil, what do his actions suggest? In a word, a Marxist Revolutionary. That is at least one informed guess with corresponding evidence. Deferring to the famous standard of science icon Thomas Kuhn—the events of Obama’s public life and past are much more easily explained by a Marxist worldview (paradigm) than any other, including sheer incompetence (see Structure of Scientific Revolutions).

Now, adding another layer one might interpolate the baleful designs of supra-nationalists who desire to see a one-world government, for whom—according to this theory, Obama could be carrying water. This angle is well explained in Ted Flynn’s Hope for the Wicked, The Master Plan to Rule the World, which details the type of thinking which demands one central source of authority to which all mankind must bend the knee. The question remains, if a super authority is erected to which all humans owe allegiance, is there any more room for God in His heaven?

I. Barack’s Syrian Shuffle & Muslim Spring

What have Barack’s actions towards Syria achieved? A simple continuation of his presidential career—add his ceaseless political moralizing to repeated ill-advised executive decisions—moving from one public policy disaster to the next, all the while decrying his foes as he smugly claims ethical invincibility. Now, Obama has recently devolved into a simpleton, staggering across the world stage completely unaware, like some strange combination of Hamlet with Wordsworth’s “Idiot Boy.” Obama did not deftly throw down a gauntlet over Syria, but a banana peel in his “red line” comments regarding poison gas. He then proceeded to stumble back to the peel and execute a very public slip ‘n fall. How embarrassing!

But what if this was not complete happenstance? What if Barrack does not care about public opinion regarding his actions? That would help explain his hapless downsizing of America’s reputation and influence in the world. Such obvious and public buffoonery begs the question—What if Obama has different goals and values than most Americans would assume about a sitting president?

We assume that any US president would profoundly value his reputation, both domestic and abroad. But what if Barack values neither when placed next to his goals? For in dithering over the US position on Syria, after badly damaging American and global interests in his hare-brained Muslim Spring support of Islamic religious radicals, Obama has greatly aided world chaos. In adding to global unrest, Barack can only help assemble the argument for creating the bulwark of a coming world-order to help tamp down wars and rumors of wars.

Question: What if Barack is the most sincere of believers and conscientious of devotees—but his commitments are not to historic American values, but to some other authority? What if Obama were convinced in his heart of hearts that the only hope for the world’s salvation lies in the doctrines of historic socialism, as summarized by Karl Marx in Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto? Further, ponder the possibility that Barack may have decided even before he entered public office to sacrifice everything for the holy cause. Wouldn’t that better explain his actions and statements than any other theory?

II. Pillars of Marxism

What are the doctrines, the pillars of Leftism which Barack would theoretically be employing under this guess he is purposefully crippling America both abroad and domestically? Karl Marx is the greatest exemplar and theorist of the progressives. Here is a broad outline of his ideas:

Marx’s essential worldview is as follows. First, there is no God, religion is a hoax meant to enslave mankind. So mankind is responsible for the sum total of any aid or support to other humans. Second, the rich steal from the poor. The poor are therefore victims, and the wealthy evil criminals. Third, only a leftist political process can be trusted to right the wrongs of human evil. Therefore, government becomes a default god to cure these wrongs and offer human leadership towards an enlightened state. Fourth, the phrase “private property” is a contradiction. All property is, by definition, owned by The People, which is safeguarded by the government. Lastly, is the deification of Revolution. Here is found a permanent global state of war between the classes, which continues until private property and religion are abolished, and the government is wholly in charge. All “rights” will then be extinguished, absorbed into the state—as all suffering and injustice are laid to rest. Finally, permanent utopia is established. All the world’s people then rejoice to understand the evils of capitalism have been destroyed, the workers affirmed, and religion stifled to create peace on earth.

This Marxist world view may seem deranged. History proves that any attempt to enshrine these same principles results in almost unmeasured suffering and carnage to the innocent. And yet these beliefs receive almost universal support in the academy, media, entertainment and world political structures. So how is this possible? In fact, as detailed in numerous essays, Marxism and all socialism share a religious foundation which—characteristic of any religious vision—keep its adherents from accepting any seeming refutation of their beliefs, no matter how dramatic or all-encompassing. This is referred to by psychologists as Confirmation Bias.

That Marxism is godless is self-declared. This is why true biblical religion was outlawed in every Marxist state. Ironically, the roots of this belief system are heretic Christianity, by way of a 12th century rogue Catholic priest named Joachim of Flora (Gioacchino da Fiore). This may be too much for many to believe, yet is eminently documented (see Obama, the Duke of Babylon & the Christian Origins of Marxism). Joachim’s three ages of man later becomes August Comte’s law of three stages (see: Sources of Madness—The Insane Thinkers of the Modern Age), which later appear in Hitler’s millennial claim of a Thousand Year Reich. This is likewise observed in Marx’s tripartite view of the evolution of communism.

The biblical, but debased origins of socialism, Marxism, Fascism, and indeed all progress political systems explain why the adherents entertain such a religious fixation on these systems (see Modern Liberalism’s Hidden Religious Foundations). Further, and much like poison, Marxism replaces natural religious affections with toxic counterfeits and answers all important questions with a nefarious hoax. Yet, these so-called political religions return as perennials in the political cycle, with their monstrous harvest of sterile, impotent and destructive effects.

III. Hope of the Wicked—World Socialist Tyranny?

This essay suggests that Obama could be a classic Fellow Traveler, meaning a secret Marxist ally who does what he can to further the progressive agenda. In other words, all his earthly hopes—meaning all the hopes he could ever have—would be laid at the feet of Marxism’s tertiary, secular paradise. Such a world economic system presupposes a globally directed government to implement the economic platform. It also demands global judicial hegemony to enforce such world-legislation. None can be allowed to escape, as prefigured by the NSA scandal of having all world persons under constant surveillance, 24/7/365, in the name of “security.” And yet, this does not presuppose a literal conspiracy, but is more in tune with the biblical idea of Babylon the Great, being a summary of all the world’s anti-God activity and organizations, en masse.

Obama’s actions make America much less the center of world order and justice, relegating the US to the role of clown and sideshow performer. His support of Islamic radicals in the Arab Spring represents a refusal to direct American policy to support those most likely to establish freedom and justice. This explains Barack’s petulant refusal to accept the Egyptian military’s coup to reestablish a secular, liberal society and throw off imposition of a menacing, self-righteous and dissembling Muslim tyranny.

Obama’s ham-handed touch on economics promises to create a permanent class of government serfs living off state largess like ambition-less zombies. His handing over of US international strategic decision-making to countries, like Russia, who lack any human rights record or acceptance of the rule of law is astounding, unprecedented, and can only lead to future world chaos, ruin and enslavement of billions. Moreover, literally every Barack decision can be fit into the big-government, anti-capitalist, pro-socialism penumbra.

A Marxist approach to the organizing and direction of human endeavors could only be described as the Hope of the Wicked because it makes inevitable that all human rights shall be extinguished under the rubric of world peace and global prosperity. If the summum bonum of human ambitions is freedom, and if the cause of the greatest achievements presumes the liberty to create, innovate, and evolve—then to extinguish individual liberty against the will of the masses is to create a world-regime of enslaving evil. Further, given that Christianity is tied to the development of the modern, autonomous state, along with natural rights, such a regime becomes the state of the Anti-Christ. Recall that Christ said of His own Deity & Kingship, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-32)


To capture the kernel of Tolstoy’s quote from the opening of Anna Karenina—The success of nations has only one straight and narrow path, whereas the trail to national destruction can take many broad, diverse ways ranging between ugly incompetence, utter indifference, or rank sabotage.

Other elite Americans of the highest echelon have traded safe positions, and risked everything to sabotage the US to create a utopian, Marxist state. Recall fellow Harvard Law #1 graduate Alger Hiss, clerk to famed US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., spent much of his adult life in prison after conviction for being unmasked as a communist spy for Russia. So, could Barack’s apparent incompetence and indifference be the masque behind which a fellow traveling Marxist hides, fomenting to push the USA into a bottomless Marxist hole? The astute reader may decide such a compelling question at his or her leisure.


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