Marxist Obama and his stream of lies and distortions

The Lies And Distortions Just Keep Coming

By —— Bio and Archives--September 12, 2010

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This most recent statement from the community organizer in the White House is just typical of the stream of lies and distortions that have been flowing from this Marxist president:


“What I’ve got is the Republicans holding middle-class tax relief hostage because they’re insisting we’ve got to give tax relief to millionaires and billionaires…”

He also consistently refers to excessive government spending as “investments” and blames the $1.3 trillion Bush deficit - created by his own Democrat Congress - for his continued increasing debt and deficit. He didn’t mention that contained within that $1.3 trillion was the $750 billion for the TARP program, including the yet unspent $350 billion which became his own personal slush fund. Then he has the gall to say “We refuse to pass on the debt we inherited to the next generation.”

Well, he got that part right. Since he took office he has added another $2 trillion the debt that will be passed on to the next generation. The national debt now stands at $13.4 trillion while the Obama deficit remains at $1.36 trillion. But rest assured that he is “absolutely committed to fiscal responsibility,” he said.

The term “millionaires and billionaires” is constantly being used by this administration to describe small business owners who are the job creators of the nation. Obama prefers to characterize them as fat old men counting their money in huge mansions with servants and butlers at their disposal to do their bidding.

This dishonest distortion of the facts does not represent the people for whom the Republicans in Congress are fighting. They are fighting for the business owners who create the jobs so that Americans can go back to work and the economy can be put back on the right track.

If Obama was talking about the rich lawyers and politicians that he supports, then I might agree with him. He is not talking about them and never will. He is talking about the people who provide 80% of the American people with jobs and income.

Want proof? Try to find tort reform or any mention of lawyers in the healthcare bill. It isn’t there, but it should be. If you want lower healthcare cost, then get the lawyers out of the way and out of the equation. Obama won’t allow that because it would be a strike against his political supporters.

It is not just the costs of lawsuit settlements that jack up the cost of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, but also the malpractice insurance and defensive medicine that these frivolous lawsuits make necessary. Eliminate the lawyers, and healthcare costs could be cut nearly in half and better service would be provided.

Medical disputes should be settled by a board of medical professionals, not by greedy, rich lawyers in the courts who then use that money to support Democrat causes and people like Barack Obama.

Wealth and riches are not what Republicans, and especially conservatives, represent and support. It is the liberty and freedom, guaranteed by our Constitution, that allow the America people to create wealth through our own initiative, inventiveness, and entrepreneurship that conservatives defend and support.

Conservative Republicans do not represent the wealthy - but the wealthy gravitate toward the Republican party simply because they trust Republicans to defend their right to their own wealth, and not to steal the wealth they have created through their own hard work. Without free capitalism, America would be back in the dark ages of Europe instead of being the leading nation of the free world - a status that Obama intends to change.

If you work for a small business with more than two or three of employees then you had better hope that your employer is a millionaire or your job may be in seriously in jeopardy. But Obama doesn’t think employers should be millionaires. Perhaps this is because Obama knows nothing about running a business. Or maybe it’s because his Marxist philosophy tells him that any company worth more than a million dollars should be owned by the state.

I want my employer to be rich and successful. I don’t want to have to worry that my employer will no longer be able to afford to employ me or keep the business going. My income depends on my employer being a millionaire.

But in spite of the company and three apartment buildings owned by my employer, we are having a hard time just paying the bills. Being a millionaire doesn’t mean a thing for a business owner, yet Obama wants to raise taxes on everyone making over $250,000 a year and subsidize people with tax credit refunds who pay no taxes at all. I guess this makes sense if you think like a socialist.

Our company, as a sole proprietorship, could not exist on $250,000 a year, yet the owner pays income tax based on the personal income tax schedule as it applies to the business income. We could very well be put out of business by Obama’s tax policies, which intend to reward lower income people who currently are not even paying any income tax. This assures an increasing base of Democrat voters who will have surrendered their liberties and become slaves to the government.

How many other employers will he put out of business, just as he did to the GM and Chrysler dealership owners who had supported Republican candidates in 2008, while he gave their customers to Democrat owned dealerships? This unconstitutional action needs to be investigated and Obama needs to be held accountable to the law for his illegal acts.

At one time in our history, a millionaire was considered a very rich person. Today, a million is nothing and richness is measured in the billions. To the Obama administration and the people running the Congress, a billion is nothing and their spending habits are measured in the trillions. Still they feel compelled to demonize millionaire business owners who are having trouble just meeting a payroll during this economic disaster being propagated by the Obama administration.

If you’ve been laid off or can’t find a job, then you know what I’m talking about. In Obama’s world, the only people he cares about are the unions and that is where he is directing most all of the stimulus money. The rest of it is going to people engaged in inefficient “green energy” businesses under the hoax of global warming. This is a farce - a pipe dream - being promoted by an economic and infrastructure dolt in the White House.

This becomes even more obvious when you consider the advantages of nuclear power for generating electricity. How many $2 billion, 2 gigawatt nuclear power plants could be built for the $787 billion that Obama is directing to union takeovers, windmills, and solar reflectors? The answer is nearly 400 power plants capable of producing more than double the power of any wind farm and many times the power produced by any solar array. The logical and practical solution to any energy shortage that may exist is ignored by this administration.

Sure, it would be nice if we could power our entire country from the wind and the sun, but economic and environmental costs would be staggering, to say nothing of the clutter and destruction to the landscape of the country. Not only is it not practical, it is economically unaffordable, especially now when our economy is in deep trouble and our dollar is becoming worthless on the world market.

Do you realize that our national debt is now well over 90% of our GDP? What happens when it reaches 100%? The economy collapses and our money is worth what our international credit is worth - nothing. Obama and the Progressive led Congress won’t stop our borrowing and spending but the rest of the free world will. China and other lenders will simply stop lending money to the United States for Obama to squander on his socialist pipe dream.

The 112th Republican led Congress must make it a top priority to repeal as much as possible of what the Progressives in the 111th Congress have done.

If our country is to be saved, then the people had better listen to the Republicans whom Obama is attempting to demonize for his own political advantage. Stop dumping billions of dollars down the drain and restore policies that encourage small business owners (“millionaires and billionaires”) to grow their businesses and hire the now unemployed. That, in turn, will generate more government tax revenue that must be used to pay down the national debt that Bush (1/4) and Obama (3/4) have run up.

If it weren’t so serious, you could laugh every time Obama demonizes Bush for increasing the debt and deficit while he has more than tripled what Bush did. If it was so wrong for Bush to do it, then why isn’t Obama doing just the opposite and reversing the spending? There is only one possible reason: political hypocrisy and posturing, which has been at the foundation of the Obama administration from day one.

That man is no president of the people - he is nothing more than a partisan political hack for the far left who angers a majority of the citizenry every time he opens his mouth. Beyond putting his name on extremist socialist legislation created by Soros funded organizations, Obama has done nothing but run his mouth since taking office. He is not capable of making presidential decisions without help from his communist advisors who tell him what to say via the teleprompter.

Every time you hear Obama attempt to demonize “millionaires and billionaires” and insist that they should be paying more taxes, just remember that he is talking about the small business owners who provide the jobs that fuel the economic engine that drives the country. If we don’t support these “rich” people, we will have no jobs at all and our country will utterly collapse.


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