The Left's Long War is far from over, we see it now more than ever being exposed and played out not only in this nation, but on the world stage as well. With each battle they are losing ground, but they are not down and out

The Long War Of The Left

By —— Bio and Archives--February 5, 2017

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Have you asked yourself how we got to the point that the nation got so divided?

The long war strategy of the Left gives us the clues to unpack just how we have arrived to the point that the nation brinks on social unrest.

When you examine the divide that we face, it is common today to pass the blame off on current events and ideologies. What gets lost in the mix is that it goes much deeper than that and has been played out for a much longer time period than what many of us really want to recognize. Revision in history, as well as revision in the media with clear political agendas is much to blame for most Americans alive today not really understanding that they have been used as pawns in a much larger game.

Today we are witnessing the protesters hit the streets for every so called infraction of what they have been told to be a civil rights issue or infraction of their constitutional right. From hipsters to anarchists we are hearing the battle cry of revolution.

The methods and actions that they employ to further advance their cause, is militant by nature and bordering on outright civil war. What gets lost in all this noise is the truth. The truth that the powers behind their movement care less about the casualties that will occur, because after all to them the ends justify the means.

The major players and methods in the long war of the Left can be narrowed down to the media, education, advocacy groups, labor unions, financiers, and ideological groups such as the Communist Party USA. The methods used have been revision, indoctrination, falsified data, junk science, silencing opposition, intimidation, and outright propaganda.

Lost in the revision of history taught to students today, is the fact that they have been told that the Left have been the stalwarts of civil rights and advocates for freedom. We have been told over and over, that the Left have stood up for the downtrodden of society and have worked diligently to improve individual freedoms. When you actually look at the bigger picture the exact opposite emerges.

Take for example what is being taught to students today and trumpeted by the media in regards to civil rights in America. The Left has infiltrated the education system so deeply that truth and fact no longer prevail over the revision to push an agenda.

If you sat in a classroom at any level you are being taught that the founding fathers were bigoted and racist. Nothing is mentioned about the fact that much debate and fraction stemmed from allowing slavery to continue in the newly formed nation. It is not taught, that from the beginning the nation almost failed to unite under the first thirteen states. The failure to teach the truth drives the current narrative that is being pushed to divide this nation.

In classrooms you would be hard pressed to find accuracy that it was the Democrat Party and the Left who actually supported slavery and fought against its abolishment. You would be taught that the American Civil War stemmed from this issue, when in fact it stemmed from states rights . You would not be taught that it was the militant Left that opposed the freedoms of African Americans following the Civil War and that the KKK was born out of the Democrat party.

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You would not be taught that it has been the Left who have actually been the ones placing minorities in urban plantations. With failing schools and economic slavery that has allowed them to be controlled and manipulated while a campaign of ethnic genocide has been waged against them through groups such as Planned Parenthood.

You would not be taught that the so called cultural progress has actually resulted in cultural and moral rot! On the contrary what is actually being pushed today has actually led to all the decay and violence.

The false narrative that the Left has put out for so long that it has been the conservatives and the Right that has led to the unrest and decay in the inner cities, is in stark contrast to the very fact that it has been the Democrats and the Left who have run the cities and instituted the policies that have led to the decay. Advocacy groups on the Left have been the champions against policies that institutionalize poverty, while at the same time actually doing the most harm. They do not fight for the hand up, but instead fight for the handout.

When questioned the hipsters, protesters, and so called civil rights activists on the streets wouldn’t even be able to answer some basic questions of historical fact in regards to what they are protesting. Sadly this includes our educators and media. We are listening to pundits on the Left and the voices on the street cry out that conservatives are racist and want to take away civil liberties. They are shouting that the Right are bigoted and inhumane at the same time exhibiting through their actions just how bigoted and violent they really are.

What they are failing to recognize is that it has been conservatives and the Right in this nation that have actually been the leaders in defending and protecting our civil rights. It was the conservatives who pushed for abolition. It was the conservatives and the Right who passed civil rights amendments from the 1860s to the 1960s. The Left in contrast fought against the passage of every single civil rights legislation to move forth in this nation.

The Left, with all of its front groups and so called civil rights groups have actually been the arbiters in the decline of freedom. From the ACLU to the Labor Unions freedom has been under attack.

While they promote that they are the champions protecting civil liberties and workers rights, they have actually been the drivers behind the decline of individual choice and freedom. They have been the drivers behind the freedom to actually expose truth and the ability of the individual to openly express opposing views and opinions.

Embedded, deep within the web of the few actual achievements and progress that they have assisted in, we find that the roots behind so many of these organizations are planted deep in the muck and mire of anti-freedom and anti-individual rights.

Organizations such as the ACLU were founded by and led by a Communist whose stated goal was the Communist agenda.

Planned Parenthood for example was founded by a racist eugenicist whose goal was the genocide and extermination of African Americans and the undesirables.

CAIR, another so called civil rights group is nothing more than a Muslim Brotherhood front group promoting Sharia law and its implementation in American society.

Labor Unions trace their roots back to Socialism , while the education system has been corrupted through UNESCO and the radicals on the Left.

The methods and tactics that they have employed have been intimidation and indoctrination. The whole Political Correctness movement has been nothing more than a tool to silence the voices of those that have different viewpoints and is used to shut down debate.

With the advent of safe spaces and free speech zones, critical thinking and freedom to express oneself openly have been for the most part extinguished on the campuses. Take for example the riots that now occur when a conservative speaker attempts to speak at our nation’s universities.

Intimidation and violence have a long history on the Left. They has been the tactics of choice long before what we are currently witnessing play out. From simple nudges in the classrooms with offhand remarks by educators, to outright mob action on the streets with anarchist groups such as the Black Bloc.

So subtle has the long war of the Left been played, many today can not even recognize that they have been played as the pawns in the larger game. When you attempt to expose it for what it is, you have to be prepared for the full on brunt assaults that you will encounter.

Friendships and relationships may suffer as a result, but in the end we are called to strap on the belt of truth no matter the individual casualties that may occur with each battle that rages.

As George Washington once said, “ If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” 

The Left’s Long War is far from over, we see it now more than ever being exposed and played out not only in this nation, but on the world stage as well. With each battle they are losing ground, but they are not down and out. Over time they have achieved many goals and have divided this nation and so many others.

Common sense and truth have been its largest victim along the way. It is refreshing to see that no longer will the tactics of intimidation and violence refrain those willing to engage and openly oppose the war that has been waged.

Pick up your armor and strap on your belts we are just getting started in turning the tide.

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