The media has become a circus


By —— Bio and Archives--January 10, 2019

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The media has become a circus
A group that knows just how to work us,
They’re slanting the news any way that they chose.
They decide how it goes, win? Or lose?

When they like all the story’s participants
They soft-pedal the damaging incidents.
They whitewash the worst and make their point first.
Trusting we will accept in obedience.


Real newsfolks, it seems now are gone,
Or at least they are all getting on
The new ones are only muckrakers,
Whose successes are measured as fakers

They’ll exploit all our fears about guns,
And tell us that those are the ones
That do all the killing. they figure –
Not the killers who keep pulling the trigger

Now, the judges that keep turning killers loose
Need a kick in their Judicial caboose.
Even though we pass laws to protect us,
They undo them and create a nexus.

Yes they keep the whole process going
Insuring their robes keep on flowing
And the media boys, they keep stroking
While we get smoke in our eyes,
Even though we are not even smoking.

By Tony Mangan 1998


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Tony Mangan -- Bio and Archives | Comments

I grew up in New York state during that time when people were proud of our great country, its flag, and possessed an abiding faith that God kept watch over us all.  My father passed away when I was three months old, and as a result, my family was of very modest means.  Higher education was not on my horizon.  Along with my two sisters, it followed that we shared the profound blessing to have grown up in a matriarchal household. My mother was one of those strong women you hear about from those times who worked in a munitions factory during the war and held a second job as the cashier in a movie theater.  Mother taught us core lessons in ethics, values and behavior.  I took an interest in changing politics at about fifteen or sixteen and railed against the growing trends toward disrespect for all that we cherished.  From that time, I took an interest in poetry and have attempted to use it to vent my frustration and dismay at the onslaught of disregard for America that has plagued us for decades.  As I approach my eightieth birthday, I can’t think of anything more rewarding than to keep on keeping on.

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