Smackdown: Trump showed up, kept things together, and delivered all the right punches

The moment of the night: 'You'd be in jail.'

By —— Bio and Archives--October 10, 2016

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Unless you’re hopelessly biased - or insane - you know Donald Trump cleaned Hillary’s clock last night.  I know, there are a few polls (like a ludicrous CNN offering) that show Hillary as the victor, but any reasonable person who actually sat through the debate saw how it went down.  Trump showed up, kept things together, and delivered all the right punches.

We’ll have more on the debate (and yes, “the tape”) throughout the day, but I thought I’d kick things off with the moment that will probably stand as the takeaway line of the second debate.

“Because you’d be in jail.”

You can tell by the audience response that the hit landed, and you know it stuck because the media is freaking out about it. Various news outlets are claiming that Trump is some kind of would-be dictator, and CNN went so far as to compare Trump to Stalin & Hitler.

As is most of CNN’s commentary, that’s ridiculous.

Trump isn’t saying he’ll unilaterally throw Hillary into the gulag.  He’s vowing to support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate her myriad scandals. Chief among these - or at least the most current - is the email flap. Clearly, there has been collusion between the DOJ, the White House, the FBI, and Hillary herself - all designed to protect her from prosecution or electoral disaster.

However, the email server is just one of her many offenses.  There’s also the pay to play issue and election fraud to consider.

Trump is saying that, if anyone who wasn’t a Hillary loyalist had been in the White House, Hillary probably would have faced charges. Nothing more, nothing less.  Judging by her “trust” numbers, most of the American people agree.

Frankly, after 35 years of Clinton corruption, it’s inarguable.


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