Married couples no longer head a majority of families in the United States

The New Weimar Family

By —— Bio and Archives--June 8, 2011

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Married couples no longer head a majority of families in the United States, according to Census Bureau data.

According to an AP story, married couples represent only 48% of households, based on data from the 2010 census.


It is the first time in American history that unmarried households outnumbered legally married ones, according to the piece.

A PEW research poll suggests that a full 39% see marriage as an outdated institution.

This is very bad news; declining population brought down Rome and is one of the things that has led to the decline of Europe. Even if the U.S. population continues to grow without the benefits of marriage, what will it do to the populace?  Strong families provide the model for self-sufficiency. A generation that grows up without that model is at risk to “adopt” government as father. And government makes a particularly bad father; the ultimate absent parent, one without love.

In “Childhood and Society” famed psychologist Erik Erikson (not the blogger of the same name) argued that Hitler’s rise stemmed from the need to find, well, ultimately family and a sense of belonging.

According to an article from Contemporary Psychology published by the American Psychological Association:

As adolescents gathered in groups to bolster a weak sense of personal worth and belonging, so many Germans fell prey to a ganglike behavior in which surrogate siblings emerged as leaders.


The vulnerability rested upon the presence or absence of a social order capable of inspiring and maintaining basic trust. Not only had Hitler’s father failed to establish that trust for young Adolf, but Germany as a nation had abdicated its parental responsibilities. The situation was intensified by the punitive attitude of the allied victors after World War I, which drove Germany deeper into despair.

Certainly Hitler’s elderly and unloving father warped the child Adolf in unimaginable ways, and if Erikson is right a similar process occurred in Germany as a whole, leading the angry and bitter Hitler to rule over that nation in monstrous ways. Remember, the younger generations, the one raised in the chaos of post-war Germany, suffered a dearth of male roll models and would be likely to follow a masculine model. It should come as no surprise that Fascism in all it’s forms was strong across Europe after the Great War.

That does not mean that the United States will become Nazi Germany, but it does suggest that there will be profound changes in the psyche of the American People. Belief in the efficacy of the State seems to be a likely outcome of this. Even where fathers live with the mothers, there is a sense of fragility that will be imparted to the children, an understanding that the tenuous relationship may fall apart. Something will be needed to provide bedrock for the child. That something is apt to come from the State.

There was a time when religion would provide that stability, or the community, but the liberal program has destroyed both. The left has purged the Church from public life, and local communities have surrendered their authority to the central government. Atomization of neighbors has occurred through government intervention and increased mobility, and so the sense of community is missing in many American cities. The child will have no grounding, no sense of roots anchoring him or her down. Only the State will remain.

Hillary Clinton once said it takes a village to raise a child, but we have no villages anymore. What we have is an enormous, impersonal, despotic entity that usurps the roles of father, of community, of church. It is no more village than the Roman Empire. It forces everyone into the same mold, for how else could it deal with millions of people?  What kind of father does that make it? What sense of security does it provide?  It is much like Hitler’s father; cold and impersonal.

What will become of a generation raised without solid families?

Welcome to the new Weimar family!


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