The armies of surrender have found their voice: The Prophet Obama

The Prophet Obama, Global Leader of Godless Leftism

By —— Bio and Archives--September 20, 2008

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While the 2008 presidential race tightens dramatically among American voters, there is little doubt that Barack Obama would win a landslide if the election were held outside of the United States.  Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Germans want Obama to be elected president.  British rock singers, while making crude and offensive remarks about President Bush, explain how desperately they want Obama to defeat McCain.


The godless Left, rampant in the democracies outside America, adores a candidate who shares their perception of America as the home of bigots clinging to their religion.  He says privately what they yell publicly.  People in these post-moral lands, who lack the gumption to even defend themselves, see a man like Obama and a party like the Democrats, which also reject the notion of self-defense in the face of evil, as the great hope of sophisticated cowards living a few more years in peace (leaving their grandchildren to live in chains and in terror) and as a kindred craven spirit. 

It should not surprise us that so many leaders of the Left outside America have openly called for an Obama victory or have lionized the hapless Democrat.  Walter Veltroni, the Italian Leftist leader, has been called “Obama’s European Counterpart.”  He was one of Obama’s first overseas supporters.  He met with the Democrat candidate in 2005, long before Obama was a heavyweight contender for the Democrat nomination.  The Italian Leftist is a perfect model for the European treatment of Obama as some sort of prophet.  Is it any surprise that Walter Veltroni is also an unapologetic atheist?

Francois Hollande, the leader of the French Socialist Party, enthusiastically endorsed Obama in the American presidential election.  This French Marxist lived and conceived four children, pointedly out of wedlock, with Segolene Royale, the Left’s standard bearer in the last French presidential election.  Hollande has mocked Sarkozy’s profession of Christian faith:  Another Leftist European atheist, another enthusiastic follower of the Prophet Obama.

Even Gordon Brown, the dull bureaucrat who took over as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Tony Blair left office, has made public statements about the Democrats in our national election which reflect clear adulation.  Although Brown has recently denied his bias, the words cannot be taken back:  “And in the electrifying U.S. presidential campaign, it is the Democrats who are generating the ideas to help people through more difficult times. To help prevent people from losing their home.” Brown’s government has been accused by the Church of England, hardly a hotbed of religious fervor, of discriminating against Christianity.

In the Canadian general election campaign, Stephane Dion, the leader of the Liberal Party, has accused Prime Minister Harper of being like John McCain.  The other parties of the Canadian Left – New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebec – have taken the same potshots at McCain.  Dion has called himself a “secular” Catholic (whatever that means) and appears to consistently reject the God of Jews and of Christians while embracing a socialist party hack deity.  Dion, also, has been mocked as trying to be as much like Barack Obama as he can.

There is common theme here.  Barack Obama has become The Prophet Obama.  He is not a prophet of Islam, whatever goofs he makes on television about his “Muslim faith” or however much nutty Moslems like Quadafi may praise him.  No:  Barack Obama is not a Moslem.  His faith is very different.  Obama believes in the god of Marx.  He believes, as well, that he is the great prophet of this secular religion.  People in less sophisticated areas of our nation may cling to the God of the Bible, but Obama, like other European Leftists, knows that Das Kapital is the only Holy Scripture which is eternally and immutably true. Obama has studied the writings of fanatical monks like Saul Alinsky, and taken to heart their message of winning at all cost. 

Like his wife and like his preacher, Obama views America as the “main enemy” in the world.  So did the Soviets.  So do Leftists like Veltroni, Royal, Brown, and Dion.  Unlike any other major party nominee in the history of our nation, Barack Obama is campaigning against his own country and the rest of the world listens to him as the great prophet, the deliverer of the world from the problem of America. 

Because he has a holy mission, anything that he does and any lie he mouths and any alliance he makes is also holy.  He is, after all, the Prophet Obama.  He has come to rid us of the curse of traditional Judeo-Christian faith, the obstacle of Israel, the nemesis of America, and all the attendant ideals which we think of as virtue but which Obama, Veltroni, Royal, and the rest think of as vice.

Barack Obama is viewed by so many Americans and by so many more Europeans as a religious leader because he is precisely that:  A religious leader.  What has made it hard for us to grasp this critical fact is because we are unaccustomed to viewing the God That Failed, the god of Marx and Alinsky, as a worshipped deity.  But this god has huge numbers of jihadists, great herds of fire and brimstone preachers, and vast oceans of mindless crowds who have been waiting for a prophet who recites the old canons of the ancient faith like a familiar hymn of conquest.

The religion of these millions has always failed, everywhere and in every way, but that does not matter.  The successes of America, the hope of Judeo-Christian faith, and the happy voices of this other faith stand as a living repudiation of the failure of Marxism, the despair of atheism, and the babble of Leftism.    The only hope of those who kneel at the church of hatred is that some prophet can persuade those who live real lives of moral purpose to abandon that purpose to the gray emptiness of social programs, intolerant environmentalism, anti-judgmental theology, and cattle herding identity politics. 

Victorious in Europe, where God is an anachronism and liberty is an inconvenience notion, these champions of spiritual suicide have found their voice in the voice of soothing senselessness, the lullaby of banalities, the mocking statement of “hope” by one who would drain hope of meaning.  The armies of surrender have found their voice:  The Prophet Obama.


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