Thud.... Enjoy your ObamaCare. You're going to be stuck with it for awhile

The protector of Obama’s legacy declares he will not vote for Graham-Cassidy

By —— Bio and Archives--September 22, 2017

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This might turn out worse than “skinny repeal.” I really thought the fact that it was his buddy’s bill might get him on board. Guess not:

Is there any reason left for McCain not to just go ahead and declare that he’s joined the Democratic Party?

Is there any reason left for McCain not to just go ahead and declare that he’s joined the Democratic Party? There is no one who’s done more to preserve Obama’s legacy than this guy. Indeed, he may have made it possible in the first place by running one of the most inept campaigns in the history of presidential politics back in 2008.

Now he’s going to save ObamaCare yet again.

Do you think this is about continued pique over Trump’s insult of him during the campaign? You sure can’t put it past McCain to screw the country that seriously as revenge for a personal slight, which is ironic coming from a guy who made “COUNTRY FIRST” his campaign slogan, but here we are. Or is it just because he really is this committed a liberal?

McCain claims this is all about passing the bill via reconciliation rather than returning to regular order and passing a bill that Democrats could filibuster, which of course they would, which means such a bill would never pass. There are people who will mistake this for principle. There’s a word for people like that. Idiots.

Here’s McCain’s statement:

“As I have repeatedly stressed, health care reform legislation ought to be the product of regular order in the Senate. Committees of jurisdiction should mark up legislation with input from all committee members, and send their bill to the floor for debate and amendment. That is the only way we might achieve bipartisan consensus on lasting reform, without which a policy that affects one-fifth of our economy and every single American family will be subject to reversal with every change of administration and congressional majority.

“I would consider supporting legislation similar to that offered by my friends Senators Graham and Cassidy were it the product of extensive hearings, debate and amendment. But that has not been the case. Instead, the specter of September 30th budget reconciliation deadline has hung over this entire process.

“We should not be content to pass health care legislation on a party-line basis, as Democrats did when they rammed Obamacare through Congress in 2009. If we do so, our success could be as short-lived as theirs when the political winds shift, as they regularly do. The issue is too important, and too many lives are at risk, for us to leave the American people guessing from one election to the next whether and how they will acquire health insurance. A bill of this impact requires a bipartisan approach…

“I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal. I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried. Nor could I support it without knowing how much it will cost, how it will effect insurance premiums, and how many people will be helped or hurt by it. Without a full CBO score, which won’t be available by the end of the month, we won’t have reliable answers to any of those questions.


Continued below...

What a load of crap

What a load of crap. McCain knows perfectly well that this needs to be done via reconciliation precisely because Democrats have no intention of being bipartisan on this. They are willing to do only one of two things - keep ObamaCare or pass single payer. No Democrat is going to vote for anything that actually solves the problems inherent to ObamaCare. But then, of course McCain know that, because he is a Democrat.

He did vote for Gorsuch and DeVos, so maybe there’s something Republican left in McCain. Or maybe there was then but now he figures he might as well uncloak himself once and for all.

I guess no one knows for sure what animates him except for him - if he even does. All I know is that it’s really doing some serious damage to this country to have this guy in the U.S. Senate.

Enjoy your ObamaCare. You’re going to be stuck with it for awhile.


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