The racial grievance crowd must be shown for what they are, “racial arsonists” and total hypocrites

The Racial Grievance Crowd

By —— Bio and Archives--April 23, 2018

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The Racial Grievance Crowd
Isn’t it ironic that Starbucks is being vilified by the same people who the company has lionized in the past.  Now you know why “some animals eat their young”.

Before all the facts came out about that incident in Philadelphia, regarding the arrest of two black men in a Starbuck’s, the feckless corporate hierarchy of Starbuck’s fired the manager and declared that they are going to close their stores for one day in the future for sensitivity training.  Talk about a “wuss” response from a famous “Progressive” company, Starbuck’s takes the cake.


I have the sneaky suspicion that the whole incident was a set up to create a racial incident.  It just so happens that it is store policy to restrict access to the bathrooms to only paying customers. The store has signs proclaiming that.  So, why did the manager do wrong in not permitting non-paying customers from using the bathrooms – regardless of color?  If this refusal happened to a couple of white men, no hulaballoo would have occurred. 

There have been reports that the fired manager of the Philadelphia Starbuck’s was a SJW (Social Justice Warrior), in other words, a hard-core liberal.  Yet, she is being thrown under the bus by the same people whom she supports and empathizes with.

I have read some reports that some legal scholars seem to think that the fired manager will be able to sue Starbuck’s and cash in big-time by claiming “wrongful termination”, by claiming that she was just carrying out company policy.

I hope she wins in court to show that “karma” does exist to prove the point that “you reap what you sow”.  The racial grievance crowd must be shown for what they are, “racial arsonists” and total hypocrites.


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