It's time to recognize hate crime laws are cruel, evil, unconstitutional, and just plain stupid

The real hate crimes hoax

By -- BombThrowers—— Bio and Archives--April 1, 2017

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The real hate crimes hoax isn’t a Muslim woman claiming Trump supporters battered her in a subway while onlookers did nothing.

The real hoax isn’t a biracial couple or a lesbian couple scrawling slurs on their own garage door (it’s always the garage door) and accusing their neighbors of the crime.

The hoax goes far deeper than that. The real hate crimes hoax is the hate crimes movement itself.

Hate crime laws were never intended to expose and punish hatred “wherever it occurs.” From the outset, hate crimes laws were intended to be enforced only selectively. The real goal of the hate crimes movement was and still is to curate an ugly myth – a fictional vision of America where minorities are hunted and victimized by white people.

One political ambition of hate crime laws is to distract attention from the high rates of crime committed by minorities. Another is to reinforce a lucrative fantasy that Klansmen and Nazis stalk our streets perpetually threatening minorities.

Hate crime laws are the ultimate false narrative.

They exist for the purpose of manufacturing fake statistics about nonexistent “rising tides” of hatred by whites. Conservatives seduced into thinking they can “fix” the enforcement of these laws are naive. The laws aren’t broken and the enforcement protocols aren’t broken: they are working precisely the way the hate crime activists intended them to work.

If hate crime laws were enforced accurately, hate crime statistics would look like this:

  • The worst hate crime would be 9/11/2001 (there is no need to convict or prosecute an offender in order to count their actions as a hate crime). The worst hate crime offenders would virtually all be Muslims. The nearly 3,000 9/11 victims would be counted as victims of anti-American nationality-bias hate crime murder. The first responders who died years later from 9/11 related illnesses would also be counted as victims of hate crime homicide.  Furthermore, all the firefighters, police, paramedics, soldiers, and every single civilian who escaped the Pentagon and the Twin Towers would be counted as victims of anti-American nationality-bias hate crime attempted murder. Muslim-on-American hate would be the most common and worst form of hate-based murder in modern history; Muslims would be the most prevalent hate crime offenders, and Americans would constitute the more prevalent victim group of hate crime killing.


  • Adding to the Muslim-on-American nationality-bias hate crime murder total would be the killings at Fort Hood, San Bernardino, the Boston Marathon bombing (attempted murders included), Chattanooga, the Fort Lauderdale airport, and many others. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing would account for seven hate crime murders, 1,000 hate crime attempted murder injuries, and tens of thousands of attempted murders of people who escaped the Towers unharmed. In a particularly fitting coda, recently deceased terrorist accomplice Lynne Stewart would be counted as an accessory to Muslim-on-American hate crime murder.
  • The Orlando massacre would count as both anti-American nationality and possibly also anti-gay hate crime murders. Multiple and partial biases may be counted, and the fact that killer Omar Mateen was gay would not exclude him from being counted as an anti-gay hate criminal. He was definitely a Muslim hate criminal targeting Americans
  • .
  • Shoelace bomber Richard Reid and Faisal Shahzad, who tried to detonate a bomb in Times Square, would both be counted as Muslim anti-American nationality attempted mass murderers. Their victims – victims of attempted anti-American nationality murder, number in the thousands.
  • John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo would count as both anti-American nationality and anti-white hate killers.
  • Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols would count as Anti-American nationality hate criminals, perpetrators of the second-deadliest single anti-American hate crime in modern history. Their victims would include the dead, the wounded, and those who escaped the blast unharmed.
  • Other victims of hate crime murder would include every victim, male or female, selected in part or wholly on the basis of their sex by a serial killer or serial killer-rapist. The “in part or wholly” language is routine to hate crime enforcement. Prolific anti-female hate crime murderers include Gary Ridgway, who may have tortured and killed as many as 100 women. Prolific anti-male hate crime killers include John Wayne Gacy, Patrick Kearney, and Jeffrey Dahmer. Notably, many of the most prolific anti-male hate crime killers are or were gay men, making gays overrepresented among hate crime offenders for this category of crime. Estimates vary, but experts agree that there are between 50 and 200 murders by serial killers each year.


Continued below...

  • Besides murder, there are approximately 10,000 stranger-rapes each year.  Whether the victim is male or female, ever sex crime in which a rapist chooses a random male or female would have to be counted as a gender-bias sex crime against either women or men. Serial date rapists would also count as hate crime perpetrators, and gay males would likely be overrepresented as offenders as well as victims.
  • Counting lesser hate crimes would be a monumental undertaking. If street harassment of women, gender-based slurs against men, vandalism, assaults, and property damage by leftist activists, and simple (verbal) assaults against whites were treated with the seriousness that is applied to the rare verbal abuse or simple assault of Muslims and other minorities, the justice system would literally grind to a halt.

With Jeff Sessions heading up the Justice Department, however, repealing hate crime laws is an idea whose time has come

But why shouldn’t it?

If we are going to helicopter in Justice Department officials whenever a Muslim woman gets her headscarf tugged, then in the interest of equal justice, the government should be treating all instances of sexual slurs and racist language and assaults aimed at whites with the same urgency.

Of course, doing so would result in the charging of a good swath of the attendees at the Oscars and the Grammys. Scores of tenured professors would be counted as hate criminals for speech acts committed in classrooms. Entire academic disciplines like Whiteness Studies would need to be investigated.

Terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and their compatriots Jeff Jones, Judge Eleanor Raskin, Mark Rudd, Kathy Boudin, Judith Clark, Angela Davis, and certainly Assata Shakur would be counted as anti-white and anti-American hate criminals, as they should be.

The only way to repair hate crime laws is to repeal them.

With the exception of Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), no congressman or senator has demonstrated the integrity to take on the hate crimes industry.

With Jeff Sessions heading up the Justice Department, however, repealing hate crime laws is an idea whose time has come.



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Tina Trent -- BombThrowers -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Tina Trent writes about crime and policing, political radicals, social service programs, and academia. She has published several reports for America’s Survival and helped the late Larry Grathwohl release a new edition of his 1976 memoir, “Bringing Down America: An FBI Informer with the Weathermen,” an account of his time infiltrating the Weather Underground.

Dr. Trent received a doctorate from the Institute for Women’s Studies of Emory University, where she wrote about the devastating impact of social justice movements on criminal law under the tutelage of conservative, pro-life scholar Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.

Dr. Trent spent more than a decade working in Atlanta’s worst neighborhoods, providing social services to refugees, troubled families, and crime victims. There, she witnessed the destruction of families by the poverty industry, an experience she describes as: “the reason I’m now a practicing Catholic and social conservative.”

Tina lives with her husband on a farm in North Georgia. She blogs about crime and politics at tinatrent.com.

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