The solution to stopping America’s slide into Marxism and total moral bankruptcy is found in God’s House, not the White House.

The Root Cause

By ——--May 4, 2021

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The Root CauseIn aircraft accident investigation, the accident investigation team’s primary goal is to discover the “root cause” of the accident.  Often there are a series of contributing causes, but we must get to the most fundamental cause to be able to understand why whatever happened, happened.  Getting to the root cause will provide the opportunity to educate others about how to avoid duplicating the circumstances that resulted in the accident.

During the last decade or so, there has been a massive shift in the moral values and culture in America.  In the Canada Free Press, aspects of this phenomena are being discussed every day by various contributors.  As I was sitting in a bible study between church services Sunday, our pastor was discussing the Apostles Creed of the Christian church.  Something he said triggered my mind into potentially identifying the root cause of the degeneration of America’s Judeo-Christian values and the seeming acceptance by so many Americans of Satan’s secular, anything goes, value system touted by Marxist Democrats and their various minions.

The Judeo-Christian moral system

The Judeo-Christian moral system is built on love, respect for each other, and caring for all our fellow human beings.  Satan’s morally bankrupt secular value system, promoted by the Marxist Democrat political machine, is built on hate, divisiveness, lack of respect for each other, and using any means to an end.

The root cause of the moral decline in America is hate.  Hate your political opposition.  Hate your neighbor because his race is not your race.  Hate your neighbor because his sexual orientation is different from yours. Hate your neighbor because of his Christianity. In other words, just find some reason to hate your neighbor.  The reason for the moral decline is that too many Americans have bought into Satan’s hate filled narrative and too many people are convinced they are the center of the universe and the universe owes them.

The root cause of the decline in Christianity in America is the fact the hate cannot coexist with Christian values.  Hate cannot coexist with the love demanded by God.  Those who have drifted away from Christianity were in a psychological dilemma they simply could not rationalize away.  Their Christian education demanded they ignore the feel good, anything goes, me-me-me culture they found themselves in.  But when the choice came, they liked what they saw being pushed by Satan’s minions in the liberal, socialist, popular culture, where they were not held accountable for their actions.  It is always somebody else’s fault. 

The root cause is hate.  The secondary cause is our Marxist Democrat government, which is promising all kinds of free stuff of which they will never deliver.  By the time the useful idiots realize this, it will be too late to recover.  Joe Biden didn’t win the November election; hate did.

The only solution to overcome hate is love as taught in the Holy Bible.  The solution to stopping America’s slide into Marxism and total moral bankruptcy is found in God’s House, not the White House.


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