Public has finally met face to face the specter of the true motives and purposes of the Socialists-Marxists-Communists masquerading as “liberals”

The Second Most Pivotal Moment In History!

By —— Bio and Archives--November 3, 2010

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The American election of 2010 will become one of the most pivotal moments in American political history. The public has finally met face to face the specter of the true motives and purposes of the Socialists-Marxists-Communists masquerading as “liberals” for the past two years. The repudiation of Obamanomics by the voting public is the very first salvo of a long and permanent watch for believers of the Republic against the Communists Imperialist forces imbedded in America. Believers of the Republic are relegated to permeate watchdog status as the result of the specter of Communism in the U.S.


As the repudiation of Obamanomics (Communism) by the voting public becomes clear we may see more of the dark side of BHO. He will never accept repudiation of his political philosophy. He and his defeated minions will spin this event faster than a Neutron star in the heavens. He will be very desperate and maybe begin to issue Executive Orders (EO) to bypass the new Congress to continue his Communist agenda. But these EOs may not be worth the paper they are printed on. Note: Obama will speak on the election results at 1:00 pm EST.

Syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer on Fox news last night said it best; I am paraphrasing here:

“He will not flinch; he will not accept any resistance. I think for the next two years he will do his liberalism through government agency regulations via the EPA, etc to get his Cap n Trade and other things under the radar. He will appear to be a moderate since he can’t get major legislation through in the new Congress”. 

Grass roots originations tipped the balance of power back to the people. It was not easy and we had to work hard for it. NumbersUSA.com, Tea Party movements, Independence Caucus, Patriotic Resistance, Grass Fire Nation, just to name a few along with the most important equation in the world, “the people”. People once known as the “silent majority” are not silent anymore. I feel “we the people” did great despite the fact:

  1. Many of us were just starting out against “experienced entrenched politicians”.
  2. Fighting a war on two fronts, the enemies of the republic and in the Republican Party.
  3. Fighting the main stream media.

Let me shift gears here and post a message from one of my news sources, Roy Beck from NumbersUSA.

“The major networks are calling the House for the Republicans. Although NumbersUSA is strictly non-partisan, this is good news from an immigration standpoint as it likely means Rep. Lamar Smith who called in at 10:30 pm will chair the powerful Judiciary Committee and Rep. Steve King who called in at 7:30 pm would chair the Judiciary subcommittee on immigration. This represents a powerful shift in leadership that should enable us to go on the offense during the 112th Congress”.

Now what is next, what do “we the people” do now?

We look back over the last two years, see where we have been, and learn from the mistakes of the last campaigns, bask in our victories, get more grassroots citizens involved. I feel this is the most important thing we as America’s people must never forget. Never to fall asleep at the switch again, hold our elected officials accountable at every election if they fail to do the “will of the people”. And never forget, freedom is only an election away of being lost forever.

Postscript: The next battle will be for control of the state and federal courts. They are out of control and legislating from the bench. George Soros is using his billions of dollars to make sure “we the people” have that control taken away from us. I don’t want that to happen, do you?

Note: Read my op-ed “Send an Uncompromising Message” on the dangers of the Communist menace in America and why I believe it played a pivotal role in the 2010 elections.


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