Unless America Truly Reforms, Including Politically, We're Going Down

The Struggle for Obama is Really a Religious Battle Over the Soul of the Republic

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2012

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Why the grim struggle waged over an eminently forgettable, laughably amateurish poseur—Barack Obama, in all his tragic and self-deluded grandeur? Actually this raging battle is for stakes so much larger than what’s on the surface it’s difficult to fathom. You see, personalities aside, we are caught in a titanic struggle over the soul of of America—regarding our collective DNA—what we believe and who we are. Progressive forces are trying to birth into being a neo-pagan kingdom, with all that implies, symbolized by the Democrat National Convention dropping Israel and God from the party platform. Those on the right are struggling to balance the original outline of US colonial theory with ever present demands for modernization—which will be our demise if carried too far.

The ultimate war revolves around freedom and liberty—and whether our rights will be finally handed over to the godlike state. Or, if a revival of republicanism, patriotism, constitutional principals and faith can be fostered to create a new American century. The core of this war is located in religious convictions—biblical versus political pseudo-religion. What is at stake is absolutely colossal for our nation’s future and survival. The very nature of America’s religious model has come under sustained fire from humanism’s steely gaze…as blank and pitiless as the sun. The culprit is a reborn paganism, a bloodless foe which cannot brook opposition or dissent. Therefore, as with all fundamentalism—it demands the conversion or death of its enemies—that is, non-believers, non-liberals.

What some call the natural decay of culture is, in our case, actually the sustained efforts of Marxists to dissolve the foundation of America’s strength—our religious convictions and institutions. The intent is to suck out religion and leave humanism in its place. This effort, while at times as silent as the work of termites, has hugely succeeded as the culture war spreads from battlefield to battlefield, ridge to ridge, and in innumerable hand-to-hand urban guerillas fights. The outcome will decide whether America retains belief in One, true God—or falls into rank apostasy. Further, Eric Voegelin would assert the underlying war is over modern mankind’s attempt to kill God—deicide—in order to obscure the monstrous nature of his own sin.

I. The Remarkable Secular Strain of Modern Liberalism

Undoubtedly the strongest modern ideological movement is variations on a theme of atheism. Consider, for example, the furious demand for a hermetical seal between “church and state.” Would America really be better off if we canceled every law influenced by the Ten Commandments, banned public prayers and removed chaplains from the military? If so, Why? Employing this idea would create a foreseeable disaster. For example, given that hospitals are not normally founded by atheist groups, what would be the future of private charity if we demanded Christianity withdraw from munificence? Overall, we should not be surprised that a third of American youngsters claim atheism when popular culture is encouraged to treat Believers as enemies of the state.

Dropping from America’s popular conscience are once-familiar religious notions of God, revelation, sin, repentance, works and grace, salvation, etc. In their place now rest an ever-changing sea of psychological theories laid upon a Procrustean bed of pseudo-science. The Big Bang as a creation event followed by evolution bring no larger morality except the law of the jungle and lex talionis: eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Clearly, such an ethos is not one to build a modern, compassionate state upon. But this foundation well explains the nearly constant griping about rights, yet refusal to see rights within a larger community context. More ominously, this foundation gives insight into why procedures like abortion and euthanasia are described as “therapeutic” actions that continue to grow in demand. Alasdair MacIntyre describes this conflict as that of popular, degenerated will versus enlightened morality.

II. Modern Religious Sentiments

Certainly the modern American lives in an age of transition and conflict. Liberals dream of creating a nation as community. Here, all needs shall be met by enlightened government, where capitalism loses its allure, property is pooled and men stop striving against one another for status, wealth, or power. This is essentially a Marxist view of life. Yet, this vision has created untold amounts of suffering and a surreal number of deaths—perhaps 150 million. This is because when one trades in their individual worth for membership in the group, all belief in human nature and individual worth evaporates.

Conservatives, having accepted time-tested standards now find themselves adrift in a sea of compromise, unsure if modernity can foster restraint, loyalty, service or long-suffering. Many are Christians, and yet adapt to the culture’s ideas on sexual continence and government largess. A broad swath of American Christianity appears confounded on how to make political judgments or what values represent a biblical worldview. Further, it seems unclear to many Believers whether they ought to seek biblical values in a political setting, if the Bible can fit into a modern setting, or to what extent they may even attempt to transition their beliefs from private to public. They lack warrant, knowledge and faith.

The state of American liberalism is in a much greater state of disrepair. First, while “liberal”—which must in fairness to be translated socialist—beliefs have a moral and religious implication, these are neither obvious nor of any merit. First, the morality of liberalism is steeped in the group, whereas any activities meant to benefit mere individuals are refused. Second, socialism presumes salvation only happens by group or not at all (in agreement with Islam). Third, liberalism borrows its outline from heretic Christianity. Yet, opposite both God and heaven, all elements of reward and punishment are forced to occur now, deforming our traditional way of life and burying restraint.

The most trenchant aspect of modern liberalism is its utter incompetence and inevitably destructive effect. The conclusion that socialism perpetually fails can be reached by any average thinker who merely observes history. Yet, liberalism continually returns each year like a noxious perennial, a weed of horrific strength blindly attacking society like a malignant tumor. So we must ask—Why does socialism continue to attract support? The answer is because of its religious nature. It scratches some inherent itches of human nature without meeting any of the deepest needs of mankind.

Liberalism brings an insulting sense of indifference to our Republic’s great network of institutions, and a deplorable opposition to the methods of traditional democracy. Liberalism’s fatalism has at root a religious misunderstanding which is fortunately easily uncovered merely by observing its harvest of bitter fruit. A theological autopsy on this failed belief system finds the core problem to be a flight from reason in the face of the horrors of personal sin. Sin is said to separate mankind from God and necessitate judgment and potential condemnation, causing revulsion and great disquietude. According to Eric Voegelin, it is the blind rebel spirit which flees from not only sin and judgment, but more ominously from grace, forgiveness and rationality. So liberalism must be tied into a cosmic death wish, according to this view.

So where are we to turn?

III. Third Millennial Americana

Desperately needed is a way out of our current conundrum and resulting malaise. There are both practical and spiritual realities which must come into play here if we are to find our way out of our current dilemma, symbolized by our political apostasy. First we need a secular plan to avoid chaos and collapse. So our free school system must be updated to offer the most intellectually nutritious curriculum available.

This would be a return to the classics and the triumvirate—focusing on logic, debate and philosophy, and the entire liberal arts curriculum. How else are our children supposed to learn about the history of the West and become participants in its way of life? Under such a regimen America’s populace will no longer be easy prey for cagy political demagogues. Further, this means instead of American kids being submerged under the cynical doctrines of John Dewey’s leftist philosophies, being readied as drones in the socialist machine, we will have free thinkers. But teachers must really go to the mat daily to truly instruct learners how to argue, write and think logically.

From a spiritual perspective, America can return to its senses by re-embracing our biblical roots. This must occur from several angles. First, committing to church on a weekly basis is a no-brainer for Believers because there one finds wholesome community and proper instruction. But individuals also need to apply themselves to theology—including non-believers, since it is from biblical roots that most distinctive Western doctrines sprang. This is why, for instance unbelievers such as Payne and Franklin well understood biblical doctrines used to fortify their own arguments. And finally, society-wide revival is inevitable as re-commitment of Believers to proper attendance, practice and doctrine will achieve the most important effects.

Also to be discussed must be the rebuilding of our societal institutions, fraternities and commonplaces which have been under radical assault by liberals intent on bringing in revolution. Here we have the challenge of building bridges versus burning them. Because of the extreme destructiveness of Marxism we must put on the spot adherents of this absurdly contradictory world-view to turn away from working to foment destruction of our way of life and return home to traditional American ideals. Liberalism is based upon tribal commitments where one group fights for empowering another, but no overarching concept of communal values is built up. Individuals prosper while society itself falls.

For example, the liberal plan to bring a sexual revolution has only borne the diabolical fruit of bastardy, rejection, loneliness, impoverishment, lovelessness, and gradual sinking towards increasing depravity and so we must repent of this darkness, etc etc etc


Obama is reminiscent of Defoe’s mentally challenged hero—Dickory Cronke, a mindless PC success who excelled simply by showing up. Since socialism is adolescent default values, Barack himself cannot lead others when he has never seen leadership in his own life. Yet Barack’s Marxism is a brutal and thoughtless attempt to undermine America’s good and represents so much more of danger and evil.

We are battling for the soul of our Republic. Our society can be saved if we decide to turn back to the faith of our fathers and ask for assistance. Marxism’s harvest of insanity is indistinguishable from those lost souls who spent 40 years in the desert with Moses. They refused to open themselves to a life of real faith and joy, which instead passed through their hands like sand. We must turn away from the lloathsome and infectious socialism laid before us, which is only an offer of a bowl of cold stew traded for our eternal American birthright of liberty.

(note—This author heard just this morning a sermon by a popular conservative pastor advocating Pietism—teaching the Church’s only duty is holy living without involvement in the political process. This idea strangely ignores the massive and unique historical impact of theologians and Christian philosophers in creating modern government, law and public policy (including theologian Ockham’s Natural Rights, Christian Philosopher Grotius’ Natural Law, Divinity Professor Rutherford’s Rule of Law, and Puritan-influenced Christian Locke’s Constitutionalism, etc). Further, were this doctrine applied across America, and all Christians then dropped out of public life, only secularists would remain for policy and leadership. An inevitable kingdom of paganism would quickly sprout up. There is nothing unholy about biblically influenced legislation, or enlightened Christian leadership—bearing in mind at times uncomfortable compromises will be crafted in a true democracy. Yet the salty work of real faith is involvement in our democracy and sharing, as much as possible, the truth with an increasingly unlettered and skeptical world. Let us not lose heart in this great global work of charity towards our fellow man.)

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