An Ongoing Citizen Investigation, Certification of Obama's eligibility

The Theory is Now a Conspiracy—II

By —— Bio and Archives--September 15, 2009

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For a few years now, I have been stating that there is no political savior, no silver bullet and no government agency that was going to save the United States of America from the heavy hand of federal tyranny wrapped around the throat of every American citizen, namely American taxpayers.

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As it was in the beginning, so shall it be today. It is the average American, not the powerful politician, or the Ivy League elitist, or even the so-called “eyes and ears of the people,” the press, who must rise up by the millions and demand control of their country, acting as a single unit in the defense of freedom and liberty, not partisan power.

And so it is…

Over a million average Americans traveled from over forty-five states across the country, to gather in Washington DC this past weekend, in peaceful opposition to all that is wrong with our current federal government run wild. But that was only one public demonstration of the largest gathering of citizens in US history, of all political, ethnic, economic stripes, with one purpose in mind. Saving their country!

So it is in this story…

On September 10, 2009, I released a column that created a firestorm across the nation. The Theory is Now a Conspiracy and Facts Don’t Lie brought to national light, a story that had apparently been brewing on a few tiny little citizen blogs for months.

The two DNC documents were originally emailed to me in pdf attachment form, by an anonymous reader. That email included a link where the documents had been posted and I first mentioned and linked these documents in my column of September 9, 2009, Tennessee Grand Jury Joins DOJ in Obstructing Justice.

Upon reviewing the docs in pdf form and online, I picked up the phone and started dialing state Election Commission offices, requesting copies of whatever had been filed by the DNC in 2008. Within moments, documents started rolling off of my fax machine and all of them were the DNC Certification of Nomination form that was absent any certification of constitutional eligibility for Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden.

It was on this basis that Part I of this story was written and released, feeling confident in the pattern and verifying with certainty that the DNC had failed to certify the Obama-Biden ticket as meeting all legal constitutional requirements for the offices they sought, at least in many states.

Not only did this column ignite a firestorm of interest across the political spectrum, crashing the Canada Free Press servers from sheer traffic volume off the charts, it ignited an army of citizen investigators ready and willing to jump in with both feet and participate in gathering additional information from their home districts across the land. I have received a volume of information via fax and email from different states since, and more is pouring in…

There are too many citizens involved to list or even know them all, but they are all an equal part in this ongoing effort to expose what could be the coup of the century, and I thank them all!

Thanks to them, within 24 hours of releasing The Theory is Now a Conspiracy and Facts Don’t Lie, I would have to reconsider some of my early assumptions in that column.

In Part I, I made the assertion that the “short form” (the one without constitutional certification) had been filed in all fifty states. That assumption was incorrect. It now appears that the short form was filed in only forty-nine states, the “long form” (with constitutional certification) being filed in Hawaii only.

I also neglected to check what form the DNC filed in 2004 for the Kerry-Edwards ticket. It turns out that at least in some states, the same “short form” document missing constitutional certification was filed in 2004. In my state, they only hold documents for two election cycles and then discard them. So I have not looked at any documents from earlier elections, but clearly, the “short form” DNC doc was around before 2008. Still…

Two Different DNC Docs

As readers aware of the Hawaii “long form” document suggested, the Hawaii doc validates BOTH DNC docs as “authentic” since both were prepared, signed, dated and notarized on the same day by the same people, and both were delivered to state Election Commissions as certification for the Obama-Biden ticket. That ends all speculation about whether or not both docs are real and authentic.

And as another reader pointed out, Hawaii state statute 11-113 requires this language.


This certainly explains why the “long form” document including this language was filed in Hawaii. However, it does nothing to explain why this same document was not used in every state in the country, since the US Constitution and election laws require that all candidates meet these requirements, and that the Parties certify that their nominees meet these requirements. Further, most states seem to have very similar statues to that of Hawaii. Candidates must meet and the Parties must certify compliance with all requirements for office.

RNC Certifications

For the record, throughout the years and states investigated thus far, the RNC has not failed to certify their candidates as nominees who meet all legal constitutional requirements even once.

In every case, the RNC has filed the same form in every state with the following language included.


The Question Remains

Why two different documents from the DNC?—And now, more questions arise…

The good news is this—two documents means two sets of signatures from the same individuals at the same time. Like many readers, I too noticed that while the signatures on the two DNC docs looked very similar, there were some anomalies, specifically, in the document including certification of Obama’s eligibility.

As I am not a document or handwriting expert, I sent the documents for professional analysis, to someone who is in that profession. They too offered their credentials and services and accepted NO form of compensation or benefit for doing so.

The graphologist who inspected both documents has prepared and delivered an official report, of which I have an original copy. The graphologist has agreed to let me use the findings and has further agreed to testify to the following under oath if asked. For obvious reasons, I will not disclose the identity of this individual at this time.

The full report is very detailed and somewhat lengthy. But here is the meat of the findings…


This alone might explain why there are TWO DNC certification documents.

Hawaii, in the unique position of being the alleged (but not yet proven) birth place of Barack Hussein Obama, demanded that the letter of the law be followed and that the proper certification language appear in the DNC certification for Hawaii.

You will remember that Hawaii officials have on several occasions asserted that “Barack Obama is a natural born citizen,” without offering a single shred of evidence or even a detailed explanation for how they arrived at that place of certain knowing.

It’s easy… They had a document signed by Nancy Pelosi that certified this to be the case.

But why wasn’t that same document filed across the country? The graphologist may have just answered that question.

Far Reaching Implications

The US Constitution has very specific requirements for the office of President and Vice President and NO federal or state statute supersedes those Article II requirements.

The political Parties and each state Elector is charged with the legal responsibility of vetting and certifying that the candidates they nominate meet all necessary legal requirements for the office sought. The RNC has done that, the DNC has NOT, except in the case of Obama’s alleged birth place, Hawaii.

Where does this place Nancy Pelosi? In a place of knowing, aiding and abetting? How about the Secretary of the DNC, or the notary of public?

What about all of the state electors or the 49 state Democratic Parties who rubber stamped the DNC document lacking certification of constitutional eligibility, not once, but more than once?

What about the members of congress who were to certify the overall election results as not only tabulated correctly, but legit?

The citizen investigation on this matter continues and there are so many average Americans involved in collecting evidence at this point, that they won’t be able to hide everything from everyone involved, nor silence a single individual who holds all of the cards, because Americans all over this country are looking at documents and asking questions.

Why TWO DNC certification documents? The RNC has only one…

Never mind what I make of this information…. What do you make of it?

This is obviously a developing story. I encourage all readers to engage in the investigative process directly, and assume nothing. I made that mistake once already!


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