Do you think for one second that God gave us Donald Trump only to have him fail at the very last moment? Neither do I...

The Third Term

By —— Bio and Archives--February 20, 2019

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The Third TermMost of you are familiar with the Latin phrase, Laus Deo, which is inscribed in stone at the very top of the Washington Monument that few, if any, of us get to physically see but know, in fact, that the English translated idiom, ‘Praise be to God’ , is up there amazingly overlooking the entire Capital City of Washington, DC, the most corrupt and evil city known to man.

And, why it is my belief, which you are free to agree or dismiss as religious hogwash, that phrase will become extremely important to the witnesses who do agree, from our hypothetical front row seat, of the upcoming epic battles of good versus evil, the likes of which the world has not seen for a thousand years.

Keep in mind as you decide, that it has been said that Satan’s greatest accomplishment was convincing the world that he did not exist.


Be aware that the unadulterated evil of which I speak revealed itself to me once again while scrolling through a recent article, where I became distracted by a boxed-off-question asking, “Would you vote for Obama for a third term?” causing me to scream out NO! But, if we were to take the time to consider many of the evil events spinning-madly-out-of-control right in front of us, it will become quite obvious that we are, in fact, already living in Obama’s Third Term of Resistance. And, that fact has now become more obvious since the day that the Demonic Democrats have regained control of the House.

Customarily, in the United States of America there is a peaceful transfer of the executive powers from the incumbent president as they leave office to the newly elected president as they are inaugurated and officially take the reins of power to begin their new term in office. But, other than President Trump’s ceremonial swearing-in, there has been little to no indication that a peaceful transfer of power ever took place. And, the Obama weaponized DOJ, the FBI, the Mueller Special Counsel, along with the totally complicit media and Globalists are working in concert to make sure that peaceful transfer never does take place in the hearts and minds of the American people. Do recent events prove that we are losing and that there is little hope for President Trump’s MAGA agenda to succeed, or have we too become victims of their psyche ops propaganda?

But, first we need somebody—Anybody—to tell us what the *&$% is going on here! Why do we feel as if President Trump betrayed us when he signed the worst possible omnibus bill presented to him by the most corrupted government leaders, without the benefit of writing or ever having read it? Remember the names of the Senators who advised the President that this was a good bill, and know that none of them is his friend. But, more importantly, we should be asking ourselves, why? Why did 86 Senators raise their hands in agreement? My answers below may surprise you.

They use the term omnibus to mean a multiple of appropriation bills all rolled into one massive piece of legislation. This omnibus bill contained nearly 5,000 pages, of which 1,300 pages were for the Department of Homeland Security, where much of the disastrous legislative against securing our southern border with a wall was hidden, where we only need to highlight two or three of the sections to prove unequivocally that our system of government is incredibly broken and has become totally corrupted by the dark side.

Why is Congress so adamantly against building a wall? Because every member of Congress profits from open borders. The obvious reasons are illegal aliens are cheap labor for large corporations who pay them, in return, massive amounts of money. Then comes the socialist cultural change and a voting block of indigent, ignorant people who will always vote for welfare in exchange for government control. Then there is the highly profitable drug trade, where Congressmen could potentially, not only be paid outright, or more easily hidden through massive campaign donations by the drug traffickers here in the United States with their ability to cover both sides of the border, but also by the drug cartels in Mexico.

The new law now makes the invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border easier, rather than making any attempts to prevent or deter them. The law was so horribly written that it offered no additional funds for ICE Agents to deport the illegals but, instead, made sure to include a provision of $40 million additional funds for ATD or alternative-to-detention programs for maintaining facilities throughout the country, where illegals can more easily be transferred and released to wander off unchecked into the population anywhere in the country.

Please note that as a slap-in-the-face to the President and his unwanted border wall, the law included funding in the amount of $5.3 billion dollars for border security fencing for Israel, Ukraine, and Jordan for the sole purpose of showing President Trump who is in charge.

But, here is the worst of the worst. Section #244 prohibits the deportation of anyone who is sponsoring, housing or potentially might house an unaccompanied child alien. It is very difficult but necessary for you to understand the betrayal within this provision of the law where no longer are ICE Agents able to deport any illegal alien who claims to be sponsoring children, which obviously makes the job of the sex trafficking cartels that much easier. But, why would members of Congress agree to such an obviously wrongheaded and evil provision? Could it be that few actual decisions are being made as much as leverage was being used.

If our speculation is even close to being true, we must first keep in mind that the members of Congress would be in such a scenario four-to-five times removed from the sex trafficking action, and never having to get their hands dirty might make it easier for them to disregard where the money is coming from. And, because this truly is The Resistance’s Third Term in office, there is zero chance of any of them being prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. But, nonetheless, here are just a few unimaginable reasons why child sex trafficking is so much more profitable than drugs.

Once a drug is used it is gone forever, but a young unoccupied by adults child at seven to eight years of age can be sold, indoctrinated, raped and abused over and over for periods of seven to ten years, and then once they become too old or unwanted, their lives are terminated and their beaten bodies are harvested into the black markets of the medical industry, very similar to the reason why Planned Parenthood is so very profitable.

Some of you are surely thinking that the highlighted terms in this provision are simply coincidental and that all of this is some wild conspiracy theory (a CIA term). Then I ask only that you go back to when Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, allegedly had similar financial relationships with the drug cartels during their covert Fast and Furious operations. Always follow the money.

The leverage I mentioned above might come from the more powerful members of Congress to ‘whip’ up the needed votes, or the strong possibility that the leverage comes from the human trafficking cartels themselves. How difficult would it be to imagine the cartel threatening members of Congress that if you don’t make our job easier, we’ll make sure the American citizens know that you are on our payroll. Which is what happens when one chooses to dance with the devil.

Everything in Washington, DC is about leverage, who has what on who? Who is blackmailing or bribing who? And, Section #244 of this law proves that without a shadow of a doubt.

And, so once again we pray for His Divine Intervention.

Although none of us know why the president signed this disastrous legislation. And, even though it was presented as being veto-proof, he could have demanded a short term CR or tested them to see who would actually override his veto.

Regardless, we must all support President Donald Trump more so now than ever before, praying that he did not come this far only to lose in the end to the UN controlled Globalists. That much of ‘the good’ we now pray for will come from his newly appointed Attorney General, William Barr, causing a political upheaval in the near term, by closing down Obama’s Third Term, once and for all. He then needs to line up the hard core Deep State players and the truly evil members of Congress for each to finally be arrested and brought to justice. There is no other way forward for the good people of the United States of America.

Do you believe the timely words from this past Sunday’s Responsorial Psalm that state: “Blessed are they who hope in the Lord”? Are these just words printed in some prayer book? And, are Laus Deo just words carved in stone on some monument? Or are they the exact words in which each of us should be crying out for help? Do you think for one second that God gave us Donald Trump only to have him fail at the very last moment? Neither do I…


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Fredy Lowe served proudly in the United States Marine Corps and the New York City police Department. He has been a citizen journalist for nearly ten years writing for Canada Free Press, Before It’s News, Conservative News & Views, Ammoland, The Post & Mail, and others.

He and his wife Pat, now of 50 years, are the proud parents of two children and six grandchildren. Fredy prays daily for the safety of our President Donald J. Trump, for our Armed Forces, for our Police Officers and especially for our country during this extremely volatile period of time in our nation’s history, and he asked if you would take a minute to pray together with him. Thank you.

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