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Canadians cannot count on the Conservative Party of Canada to do anything to secure Canada’s southern border

The Tories seem totally unconcerned about securing Canada’s border

By —— Bio and Archives--August 10, 2017

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Last week, the Canadian government released statistics on the number of illegal immigrants crossing into Canada from the United States at points other than official ports of entry. These numbers include only those who were intercepted by the RCMP while illegally entering the country. It has been estimated hundreds of illegals are walking into Canada every day.

In June, the last month these statistics are available, 884 illegal border crossers were arrested coming into Canada. A whopping 781 of these “asylum seekers” crossed into Quebec. The resources available to house, feed and process these “refugees” are strained with some of them having to be housed in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made it clear everyone in the United States who wants to escape the horrors of Donald Trump’s America is welcome in Canada. He made a statement to this effect hours after Trump signed his first executive order temporarily banning nationals from seven countries from entering the U.S. And thousands of illegals took him up on the offer. But with the recent influx, the PM seems a tad nervous. He is calling on these illegals to “respect” the Canadian/U.S. border. It’s like telling a bank robber to respect the fact the money in the bank is not his. Like a lot of things Trudeau says, his comments make absolutely no sense. If those fleeing Trump’s America do things properly and show up at a regular border crossing point, they will be forced to remain in the United States as a result of the Third Party Agreement signed by Canada and the U.S. Trudeau also reassured Canadians the government has sufficient resources to house and process these people.

So what is the position of the Conservative Party of Canada about all this? Well, if anyone thinks a CPC government would do anything in an attempt to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the country they should think again. Since the humungous numbers of illegal border crossings hit the media last week, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has said absolutely nothing about Canada’s porous southern border. Not a peep nor a tweet. It cannot be he doesn’t have time to even tweet because on Aug. 4 he managed to tweet about his sadness in missing National Watermelon Day.

Michelle Rempel, the CPC critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, did issue a statement that at least confirmed the Tories are aware of what is going on. Rempel called on the Liberals “to take action.” The statement reads in part:
“We have known since the beginning of the year that this problem was only going to get worse during the summer months, yet the Liberals have no plan to address the dramatic increase in border crossings. This abdication of responsibility will further backlog our systems at a time when the Immigration and Refugee Board is already reporting 11-year wait times for refugee hearings and is experiencing an alarming shortage of immigration judges.

Rempel and her party are concerned about the lack of immigration judges and about the strain on the resources of the Immigration and Refugee Board that will result in a further backlog of cases. The critic also expresses concern about the provincial resources needed to support these “asylum seekers.”

In other words, Rempel seems only concerned about process. Justin’s just not spending enough taxpayer money to process all these newcomers. Nowhere in the statement is there a call to do something to stop or reduce the illegal flow of people into the country. It’s all about process. It is like if the amount of sexual assaults against children increased 10-fold and all Rempel is concerned about is whether there are enough police, prosecutors, courts and jails to handle the increase. No thoughts about present victims. No thoughts about reducing the number of future victims of this violence.

The statement goes on to say that Canada is a generous country and has a responsibility “to help the most vulnerable fleeing from violence.” Fleeing from violence? The hordes of illegal border crossers are coming from the United States. Except to the extent these people are young black males who lived in Chicago, they are not fleeing violence; they are leaving a country that had the nerve to elect a president who is enforcing the country’s laws. (Rempel statement, Aug. 3)

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And a large number of those now entering Canada are Haitians. They don’t even pretend to have fled their home country because of violence. After the horrific earthquake in 2010, followed by an outbreak of cholera that resulted in the death of about 200,000 Haitians, President Obama instituted a program allowing Haitians in the U.S. with no permanent status to remain in America. There was a moratorium on deportations and these Haitians were allowed to legally work in the United States. It is estimated about 50,000 Haitians were granted Temporary Protected Status under this program.

As the name implies, the program was only meant to be temporary and the Trump administration has stated it will end in January 2018. Not willing to return to their country of nationality, a lot of these Haitians are now coming to Canada. Not that the legal definition of Convention refugee means anything these days but these Haitians do not qualify for refugee status.

CPC leader Andrew Scheer is spending the summer on the BBQ circuit introducing himself to Canadians. This is quite normal for politicians, especially for a new leader who could commit a crime anywhere in Canada and take solace in the fact he couldn’t be identified in a lineup. While mundane criticisms of the government can wait until Parliament resumes sitting, Scheer’s silence on the flood of illegals into Canada is deafening. Coupled with Rempel’s statement, it can only be concluded the CPC have no plans to attempt to secure Canada’s southern border and are not particularly upset at the thousands of illegal entries. Seemingly, the opposition’s only concern is the Liberals not spending enough money on new immigration judges.

Canadians cannot count on the Conservative Party of Canada to do anything to secure Canada’s southern border.

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