The Trump Haters are taking a risk with their relentless vitriol aimed at the President. It is a vague one, with unknown consequences. But it is a risk, nonetheless.

The toxicology of Trump haters

By —— Bio and Archives--January 1, 2018

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Many were born late the night of November 8, 2016: The Trump Haters.

Assumption was their mother. It would take DNA testing to i.d. their father.  He could be Entitlement, Arrogance, or, Naiveté.  Maybe all three. 

In any regard, they hate all things Trump.  His family, his supporters, his policies, his hotels, his golf courses – but mostly Trump the man.  That he is today President of these United States only deepens their hatred.

You need not look far to find the Haters. They dominate the “news” media – which offers little genuine news these days. They convene their talking-head panels of political experts. Often Haters all.

On one network, Haters make up half the panel, since “fair and balanced” is the marketing logarithm for that network.

(Had FOX been around in the 17th Century, FOX News Sunday’s Chris Wallace would have moderated a debate between Galileo Galilei and Father Vincenzo Maculano da Firenzuola by asking G.G., “But, but, but don’t you think that it makes more sense for Earth to be the stationary center of the Universe since that’s where the Pope lives?”)

Haters dominate today’s Democrat Party. They occasionally enjoy comradely help from some Republicans – perhaps chosen by a monthly lottery to pick the GOP pol who will publicly hate Donald this month. Arizona U.S. Senators Flake and McCain have been previous winners.

A few ex-Obama regime officials have surfaced as notable Haters, besides Hillary Clinton.

Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Adviser for former President Obama, recently dreamed of reading the obits of Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Mike Pence. Ben can say whatever he wants; his brother, David Rhodes, is President of CBS News.  Ben was well qualified for his NSA role having accompanied NBC’s Brian Williams on several Black Ops missions in Afghanistan, after Ben graduated in 2002 from New York University with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing: Rambo Ben, Security Guru with a Pen.

Today, the Haters own and operate the street-theatre protest industry. It’s the devolving litany that cascades from Occupy Wall Street, to Black Lives Matter, to Intifa...onto future rent-a-mobs.  Hate is their constant character trait, while their targets have shifted from 1%ers, to Police, and onto Fascists.

So what, you ask? Have we not always had the obstreperous cadre of out-of-power malcontents verbally sniping from the tree line at the person in charge? Sure. But it feels different this time around.

Once-upon-a-time, they were called the “loyal opposition.”  In general terms that meant: “a minority party especially in a legislative body whose opposition to the party in power is constructive, responsible, and bounded by loyalty to fundamental interests and principles.” (So says the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for the last 190 years)  It’s the “loyalty to fundamental interests and principles” part that’s missing today. 

The notion of a “loyal opposition” may have died on November 22, 1963.  JFK’s death was announced that day in the New York Times in an article that included these words:

“The speech Mr. Kennedy never delivered [scheduled later that fateful day] at the Merchandise Mart luncheon contained a passage commenting on a recent preoccupation of his, and a subject of much interest in this city, where right-wing conservatism is the rule rather than the exception.”

“Voices are being heard in the land, he said, ‘voices preaching doctrines wholly unrelated to reality, wholly unsuited to the sixties, doctrines which apparently assume that words will suffice without weapons, that vituperation is as good as victory and that peace is a sign of weakness.’”

“The speech went on: ‘At a time when the national debt is steadily being reduced in terms of its burden on our economy, they see that debt as the greatest threat to our security. At a time when we are steadily reducing the number of Federal employees serving every thousand citizens, they fear those supposed hordes of civil servants far more than the actual hordes of opposing armies.’”

Continued below...

“‘We cannot expect that everyone, to use the phrase of a decade ago, will talk sense to the American people. But we can hope that fewer people will listen to nonsense. And the notion that this nation is headed for defeat through deficit, or that strength is but a matter of slogans, is nothing but just plain nonsense.’”

Twenty-five years later, the same New York Times recalled that day and addressed the then current image of Dallas, Texas.

“Twenty-five years later there it is, perhaps the most withering question an American city has faced, leaping off the cover of D, a Dallas magazine: ‘Did Dallas Kill Kennedy?’…Few American cities have come under the kind of national scorn that befell Dallas in the days and weeks after President Kennedy died here. The city found itself widely condemned as a ‘city of hate.’ Residents of Dallas recall being refused service at restaurants in other parts of the country or facing gratuitous insults when their home became known.”

I remember the blame directed toward Dallas after that day in 1963.  It came even though Lee Harvey Oswald, who lived for a time in the Soviet Union and became a public supporter of Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba, was the antithesis of “right-wing conservatism.” 

Dallas wasn’t responsible for the assassination of JFK. But that didn’t stop many from holding the city accountable. 

The point?

The Trump Haters are taking a risk with their relentless vitriol aimed at the President. It is a vague one, with unknown consequences. But it is a risk, nonetheless.

The potential scope of that risk is found within the lyrics to the Lullaby “Rock-a-Bye Baby,” in the final word.

Rock-a-Bye Baby, in the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. And down will come baby, cradle and…all.

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