"Tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election?"

The Truth and nothing but the Truth

By —— Bio and Archives--July 18, 2018

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The Truth and nothing but the Truth
I don’t think any American Patriot was surprised when the media started running around like their hair was on fire about President Trump’s recent statements. All of the media jumped on the Trump bashing bandwagon. “President Trump made a despicable remark by calling the European Union our foes.” Well, it’s about time somebody told the truth. On top of that, former CIA chief and Marxist, John Brennan, tweeted that, “meeting with Putin is treason, an impeachable offense.”

Sadly, nothing our president has said is false. The European Union isn’t our friend any more than Communist China is. In fact, the European Union is based on Albert Speer’s Europalsche Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft. Translation: European Economic Community.


Speer’s Nazi plan called for combining Europe into a single European state with a single currency and a central bank. The European Union is the Nazi plan for Europe, and it’s a reality not a pipe dream of Hitler or Speer anymore. The idea that we won the war is false. We won the battle, but we lost the war to the Socialists because they never gave up. They used deception to trick people into accepting their socialist scheme through trade deals. In fact, the European Union was sold to the British as a trade agreement. The plan for a New World Order was designed to be carried out through fraud and deception.

Moreover, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was supposed to achieve the same thing in North America - the North American Union. The Security and Prosperity Partnership was supposed to bring down borders between the US, Canada and Mexico. But, President Trump wants to put up a wall and spoil that plan. The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership was supposed to bring America into the European Union. And, the Transpacific Partnership was supposed to bring America into the Asian Union - The New World Communist Order.

By the way, Karl Marx was quoted as saying, “The revolutionary movement which began in 1789 in the Cercle Social gave rise to the communist idea of the New World Order.” The New World Order is a communist plan. Furthermore, socialism is communism, and it has been on our soil since the founding of America. Whether they are called the Illuminati, Jacobins, Bilderbergs, Masons or the Rothschilds, they are communist psychopaths who want to take our liberty, rights and freedom from us. Don’t let them fool you!

Once we begin to uncover the plot, things like the Real ID Act become obvious. Once they start enforcing the Real ID, we will not be able to use public transportation or enter a federal building without it. A post office is a federal building and so is the Social Security Office. Does anybody “not” realize where this is going? Not having a Real ID is the same as wearing the Jewish star in NAZI Germany or not having the proper papers. You will be singled out and you will not have the same privileges as a person who has one. Papers please!

Dyed in the wool godless Marxists

These people are dyed in the wool godless Marxists, and they are not going to give up their assault on our president, our country and our religion. Their goal is to bring America down, and they are so close to it that they are throwing caution to the wind because they fear that President Trump will set them back or spoil their plans.

In addition, the Marxist media said, the President sided with the Russians against our intelligence agencies, and he met with the leader of Russia and that’s treason. On meeting with the President of Russia, if that’s treason, then we have to charge Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bush Sr with treason also. In fact, we have charged some deceased presidents with treason too. Brennan’s remarks were desperate remarks from an unremarkable weasel. Where was that barn yard pile of manure when Obama was overheard through an open microphone saying, “tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election?”

On the issue of the President siding with Russia against our intelligence agencies, in the Russian meddling conspiracy theory, I have one question. Where’s the evidence? They keep issuing indictments, but fail to present any proof that it actually happened. We have to take their word for it. With the current state of our judicial system, I would not trust any verdict coming from the courts or any indictment coming from Mueller’s group of communist sympathizers.

As for the intelligence agencies, I never figured out why a spy agency that conducts espionage and subversion is called an intelligence agency. It’s a contradiction in terms. They collect information, but their primary activities are spying, subversion and espionage. The CIA should be called something like the Central Espionage Agency (CEA) or the Central Subversion Agency (CSA). We have too many federal intelligence agencies and federal police to tell them apart anymore. And, we can’t trust the FBI, the CIA, the Judicial system or Congress. The government has been infiltrated by communist radicals. Besides that, Congress has been selling Americans out to foreign interests for the last 118 years. I’ll get into that some other time.

In conclusion, our entire government has been infiltrated by Marxists, and we can identify most of them by their devilish howling about our President. Always remember that the President told us that the media is our enemy, and that is the absolutely truth without question. The President left out the fact that Congress is filled with our enemies too, but I’m sure we can all see that. Our nation is under attack from within, and it’s near the point of no return. That’s why it’s more important than ever to support the President. He is our best chance this time around. And, don’t forget that Rome was never defeated by any army. Rome fell from enemies within its own gates. We shouldn’t allow that to happen to us. Stay Vigilant and support the Trump train!



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