Bolivia's Socialist President Juan Evo Morales Ayma

The U. N. Socialists Concoct Another Fleece - ‘Mother Earth Rights Treaty’

By —— Bio and Archives--April 24, 2011

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Hillary Clinton’s eyes must be lit up like seldom before; the United Nations is preparing a Treaty for her to sign off on that will place the United States even further down the totem pole of world importance.

The UN debate is already underway to bring to the world a monster new RIGHTS agenda that will, if finally adopted and ratified, bring grief and misery unequalled ever before in planet history. 

As stated in a Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise article written by the Conservative Action Alerts on April 22, 2011 online, “Mother Earth is about to get RIGHTS! Startling?. It will be if Bolivia gets its way. Bolivia’s Socialist President Juan Evo Morales Ayma (Evo Morales) actually wrote the draft of a United Nations treaty that will give nature - “Mother Earth” the same HUMAN RIGHTS worldwide as humans.”

Can you believe that you would ever see the day when a pile of dirt has equal values to a human being?  In my estimation that does not speak very highly or glowingly about us humans, except perhaps those that have proposed this extravagant piece of dung.

Oh I will quickly agree that there really are SOME other humans who fit that description; in fact I have even met some that could never measure up to a handful of the soil that once graced the basis of my well fertilized vegetable garden.  But the entire universe; including all socialist liberals?  Nah! 

But believe it or not, that is what has been proposed not only by Senor’ Morales of Bolivia but a small host of other socialist nations, not one of which is anywhere near the caliber or qualifications of being a world leader, in ANYTHING except radical and aberrant behavior. 

These whiz-bang hotshots of wannabee world leaders starting with Bolivia are joined by of course the biggest and foulest mouth-in-the-south, Venezuela’s Chavez, along with Educador, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent, and the Grendadines, Antigua, Barbuda and seemingly our of their geographical element, Syria.

How a contingent of those countries could have the ambition to even want to rouse themselves to put forth the efforts involved in bringing an honest to goodness piece of literate and wildly thoughtful proposed literation for a potential world wide treaty is almost unimaginable or comprehendable.

This treaty, if enacted by the almost totally corrupt and self-serving entities of socialist, communist and despotic nations, will give the earth the same “rights” as a recently passed law in Bolivia does for bugs, trees, and other “natural” things in that south of the border country.  It’s president, Evo Morales, wants, according to CAA Alerts, “the UN to recognize the Earth as a living entity which humans have sought to ‘dominate and exploit’ to the point that the ‘well-being and existence of many beings’ is now threatened.”

Can air, rain, sunshine, thunder and lightning be less important or that far behind that they won’t be included after the inauguration of the first ceremonial piles of dirt?  And here we thought we had it bad with the narcissistic fruitcake in our White House.  Then again, come to think about him, yeah, we do have it worse; but you can bet he will revel over this piece of foolishness.

And Al, the goracle, Gore will be dancing in his monstrous sized carbon footprint mansion in the wilderness over this piece of dictating legalese that will make it easier to force more global warming wacko-ism down our throats.  This dumb-headed treaty will make Cap and Trade global warming, even while it is global cooling, much easier to slip by the many know-nothing governments that believe in witchcraft, voodooism and pure bunko as well.

CAA further explained that “Mother Earth Day”, April 22 each year, is the anniversary of the UN General Assembly’s voting unanimously to declare that date “to guarantee the “balance” between human rights and the other members of Earth’s ‘community’ - animals, plants and the terrain itself.”

Does not that make you feel so much closer to the earth to know it has an equal ‘balance’ with your meager and selfish desires?  Does not that make you feel much closer to the ‘tree huggers’ among us who also have now been upstaged by the dirt lovers as well as the wind and fire zealots? 

And doesn’t it make you feel grand just to know that the new earth rights treaty will also establish and employ a Ministry of Mother Earth to provide planet earth an ombudsman whose job, according to CAA, “will be to hear nature’s complaints as they are voiced by the world’s most extreme and radical environmental activists and the eco-alarmists within our own government?”

Maybe this farcical charade of fatuousness is not all negative; Pablo Salon, Bolivia’s Ambassador to the U. N. states, “We’re not saying. you cannot eat meat because you know you are going to go against the rights of a cow.” (Can you believe this?) And he also so graciously acknowledges that “you need a mine to extract iron or zinc, but there are limits.”  Salon did not elaborate on what those limits might be or who would be the sole arbiter to define them. 

As might be expected from ANYTHING devolving from the United Nations, nothing will be etched in concrete until the high level officials decide what benefits will first enrich themselves and then what’s left over for the serfs.


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