Divisive and violence-inspired rhetoric of the Democrats

There’s no middle ground anymore with Democrats

By —— Bio and Archives--October 15, 2018

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There’s no middle ground anymore with Democrats
There used to be some middle ground between Republicans and Democrats, but the Democrats have demonstrated that there is no more middle ground on what they say they stand for, and there is no middle ground for voters when they vote in November.

No Democrats voted for the Trump-led tax cuts of 2017, which have helped to fuel the unprecedented economic prosperity most Americans are experiencing. One example is the median income level, which has surpassed $60,000 a year for the first time in over a decade.


Divisive and violence-inspired rhetoric of the Democrats

On the negative side of divisiveness, consider the encouragement of harassment by Representative Maxine Waters, Congressman Steve Scalise being shot simply because he’s a Republican Member of Congress, the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation circus created by the Democrats, and the liberal blistering of Kanye West because he dared to acknowledge the positive results of the Trump Administration, and because he dared to attend a meeting in President Trump’s office on prison reform.

The latest destroyer of middle ground for voters was the rhetoric of former Attorney General Eric Holder, saying that the new Democrat Party does not go high when they (Republicans) go low, but rather, “We kick ’em”.


On top of this divisive and violence-inspired rhetoric, the Democrat voices are claiming incivility by Republicans and President Trump. Senators Ted Cruz, Orin Hatch, Jeff Flake and other constitutional conservatives were publicly harassed by manufactured liberal sympathizers, with the media there to record the harassment. Coincidental? Nope, and any logical thinker could draw that conclusion without any analytical assistance.

I don’t recall any report of a Republican or conservative voter engaging in any such lunatic nonsense. No one can name a single incident, neither lately nor at any time during the Obama Administration where anything like that happened, just because we disagreed.

The nasty and despicable tactics of the Democrat voices covered by the media have driven some voters away from Democrat candidates, because they have clearly shown that there is no compromise. There is no moderate solution to anything. There is no middle ground on anything good for the people.

The Democrats have shown that it’s all about political power and the ability to gradually steal people’s choices, freedoms and constitutional rights. They have consistently shown that they shift the subject, ignore the facts, name call, use fear rhetoric, use unbelievable accusations, and flat-out lie. It’s S.I.N.F.U.L.!

Voters are not stupid!

We are voting for all Republicans in November. All Republicans are not perfect, but they are better than the “no middle ground” Democrats.

Some voters will still vote for Democrats no matter what. Bless their hearts!


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