I have long believed that Donald Trump is such a thorn in the side of the Establishment and certainly the so-called Deep State, that those dark and shadowy puppet masters will stop at nothing to end his reign

They’ll get Trump…one way or the other

By —— Bio and Archives--March 9, 2018

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They’ll get Trump…one way or the other
If there’s one thing I’m pretty sure of, it’s that the Donald Trump Presidency will not end well. It’s not because there is anything particularly wrong with the president, but the so-called ‘resistance’ is so committed that they are likely to go to any lengths to ensure that their goals are achieved.

Trump has now been officially President of the United States for one year, two months and 19 days. In that time, according to the Heritage Foundation, the President has delivered on 66% of his agenda, which is very likely a record when compared to that of previous presidents.

Donald Trump’s popularity at this point in his tenure is 49% and exceeds that of the Messianic Obama at the same point in his presidency.


The economy has literally roared back with employment being all but full and wages and benefits for workers on an upswing for the first time in 17 years.

Many billions in corporate profits repatriated from off-shore accounts are juicing the US economy like never before.

America’s new foreign policy is comprehensive and for the first time in nearly a decade dares to call evil by its name and recognizes common interests among America’s allies.
The American military has new life breathed into it, as bureaucrat generals are quietly cashiered and being replaced by a more robust breed of warrior-scholars.

That the rule of law is important to this administration is plainly evident by the judicial appointments being made by the President, not only to the Supreme Court, where his appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch signaled that the days of judicial activism were being replaced by adherence to Constitutional law, but in the appellate courts throughout the various districts, where three decades of squishy presidential judicial appointments have turned the courts into Alice in Wonderland.

His various cabinet choices including former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson at State, Betsy DeVos at Education, James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis at Defense, Ben Carson at Housing and Urban Development, Steve Mnuchin at Treasury, are inspired, regardless of ‘the resistance’s’ resistance. Excoriating Rex Tillerson for not having diplomatic experience is rich, given some of the Democrat presidents’ choices for their cabinet. John Kennedy’s and Lyndon Johnson’s choice of Robert McNamara as defense secretary comes to mind, given McNamara’s thin experience with the military. During World War II,  McNamara served in the Unites States Army Air Force in the Office of Statistical Control. In other words, McNamara was a bureaucrat and a businessman, much like Tillerson. The only difference here is that McNamara lied through his teeth to the American people about the Vietnam War and the reasons our young men were dying there.

Moving America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was also a principled and correct move, as it signaled to the world that America’s allies will no longer be abandoned, as was the practice of the Obama Administration.

Yet despite all these amazing achievements, and possibly because of them there are certain forces within the Government of the United States dedicated to finding something—anything—to depose the President. The ballots had barely finished being counted on November 8, 2016 when Democrats started bandying about the word “impeachment.”

The appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel investigating alleged collusion with Russia has been operating for over a year with the only charges filed to date against Americans being process crimes, like “lying” to the FBI or failure to register as a lobbyist for a foreign government. A group of Russian nationals was also indicted, albeit they will never face a court of law, nor will we learn anything about what they were doing, why and at whose behest. Don’t you think that if there was any evidence that the Trump team colluded with a foreign entity We the People would have seen it by now?

The current game plan appears for Robert Mueller to keep investigating throughout 2018 in hopes of having a Democratic Congress elected, so that impeachment procedures could commence.

But what will happen if the Congress goes even more Republican and the Democrats’ chances of impeaching Trump disappear?

Well, one possibility was recently floated by a former CIA official on CNN. His name is Philip Mudd, who, incredibly, stated, “Let me give you one bottom line – as a former government official, the government’s gonna kill this guy,”

I have long believed that Donald Trump is such a thorn in the side of the Establishment and certainly the so-called Deep State, that those dark and shadowy puppet masters will stop at nothing to end his reign.


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