CTF Calls For Rebates, Taxpayer Choice

Time Out Needed on Stadium Deal

By Colin Craig—— Bio and Archives--June 20, 2008

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WINNIPEG: Elated at recent media reports that all three levels of government seem to have millions of dollars in cash and spare land “kicking” around, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) called today for immediate taxpayer rebates.


“If all three levels of governments have millions of dollars kicking around, that money should be given back to taxpayers instead of going towards a new stadium that not all Manitobans support.” said CTF-Manitoba director, Colin Craig.  “By giving the money back to taxpayers through a rebate, taxpayers could decide individually if they want to donate their share to a new stadium.  A rebate approach is fair for everyone and would clearly indicate how many Manitobans view this as a priority.”

Similar to the arena deal seven years ago, all three levels of government have been tight-lipped about providing details of possible government involvement in a new stadium.  Both the provincial government and the City of Winnipeg have refused CTF freedom of information requests for details on using public money for a new stadium.

“There seems to be a lot of secrecy about a possible stadium deal.” said Craig.  “As it’s our money, taxpayers have the right to know what the government is considering.”

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Canadian Taxpayers Federation
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