Liberals Slip And Admit It, Phil Bredesen

TN Democrat Senate Candidate: Washington is too hung up on what voters want

By —— Bio and Archives--September 21, 2018

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Phil Bredesen
If you were to make a list of everything that’s wrong with Washington, the phrase ‘politicians care to much about what voters want’ would probably not make an appearance. Usually, the knock against D.C. is exactly the opposite.  Politicians believe themselves to be your superiors, they think the average American voter is an idiot, and all the ants out in flyover country need to be told what to do so they can be protected from themselves.


If they really were overly concerned with what voters wanted, the 2nd Amendment would be sacrosanct and the 16th Amendment would probably be on its way out the door.

If you’d like some evidence that politicians think you’re a nuisance, look no further than Phil Bredesen.  He’s a Democrat hoping to snag the Senate seat that’s being vacated by retiring Republican, Bob Corker. He thinks Washington gets too wrapped up in what voters think, and he hopes to facilitate a movement away from that.

As he puts it:

“One of the problems that I’ve got with Washington, you know, today – and t I would really like to be one who helps to address – is everything is so transactional about, you know, what do the voters think today and so on. And there’s not enough people thinking out about the long-term impacts of some of these kind of decisions. That would be a really good example.”

Specifically, Bredesen is discussing our economic policy toward China, and the Trump administration’s decision to kill the disastrous TPP trade “deal.”  However, as you can clearly hear, he views that as simply an excellent example of a broader problem: Congressmen are just too concerned with the opinions of the people who put them in office and pay their bloated salaries.

You can watch a clip of Mr. Bredesen’s comments below.  Try not to retch.


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