Howard Moscoe, Brain dead ideas

Toronto council comprised of petulant children

By —— Bio and Archives--November 14, 2007

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In case anyone’s wondering why the City of Toronto’s finances are in such abject disarray, it’s because City Council is largely comprised of petulant, vindictive kids.


The latest brainwave to emanate from the hallowed halls of Miller’s Magic Mandate sprang full-grown from the head of Councilor Howard Moscoe who wants city-owned businesses to refuse to accept U.S. coins, now that the value of the Loonie has exceeded that of the Greenback.

Moscoe claims that the city would suffer “considerable” losses if the TTC or other city owned ventures accepted American coins at par.  While he didn’t venture a guess as to how much U.S. coinage finds its way into city coffers, the current seven or eight percent difference amounts to nickels and dimes. 

Moscoe pointed out that the City of Toronto has a multi-billion dollar annual budget and taking in American coins would deprive the city treasury by as much as a dime on the dollar.  Given that the city is currently spending tens of million of dollars in advertising to attract American visitors to Toronto and that the amount of U.S. coinage that finds its way into TTC fare boxes and city concessions is miniscule, this has to be one of the most brain-dead ideas to come out the Socialist People’s Republic of Toronto since Councilor George Mammoliti wanted to launch a forensic audit to investigate fellow councillors Rob Ford and Doug Holyday for not spending enough of their annual office budgets.

Mammoliti believes that there is something amiss with a councilor that has over $53,000 a year available, yet only spends $2.00 of it, Like Rob Ford or $1,403.00, like Doug Holyday.  It’s a small wonder that the city is up to its neck in financial problems, what with the hogs slopping down at the city trough and when they’re finished, attempting to nickel and dime tourists for spare change.  Now I know why these guys don’t want to pass a law against aggressive panhandling, given that’s one of the things the political ethos of Toronto City Council so values.

The three ring circus his worship, The Blonde One, has been running at city hall is reminiscent of Nero serenading Romans while their city burns.  As Toronto taxpayers are facing a plethora of new confiscatory taxes, council concerns itself with trivia.  Rather than find ways to pare the city budget, they keep shoveling buckets of money at union members in the form of what the mayor calls “a decent living wage”.  One wonders if he or any of his troupe of trained seals has thought about the decent living wages of Toronto residents, as they are asked to cough up ever more in taxes.

I never thought that I would look back on the administration of Mel Lastman or even Barbara Hall through a rosy haze of nostalgia.  While their public utterances were sometimes less than pride inducing, they were light-years ahead of the tripe coming out of city council today.

What silly ideas are these clowns going to entertain next in their inane musings; rolling drunks as a revenue generator?  It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, given the ideas that emanate from their leadership.  All I can say is, “Thank God, I decided to move!”


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