It was a disgraceful performance by the mayor of Canada’s largest city

Toronto Mayor Praises De Niro for ‘F**K Trump’ Rant

By —— Bio and Archives--June 15, 2018

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Toronto Mayor Praises De Niro for ‘F**K Trump’ Rant
Actor Robert De Niro was in Toronto Monday in front of what will become his Nobu Restaurant, Hotel and Residences in the city’s trendy Entertainment District. De Niro’s visit comes one day after the actor’s rant at the Tony Awards where he said, “First I want to say, F**k Trump. It’s no longer ‘down with Trump, it’s f**k Trump.’” (CTV News, June 11)

Yesterday, Toronto Mayor John Tory tweeted “I have two words for Robert De Niro during his stop in Toronto today; Thank you!”


In the video that accompanied the tweet, Tory made it clear he was referring to De Niro’s comments that “were in the news today” and not anything the actor said during in Toronto visit. While in Toronto, De Niro said, “A note of apology for the idiotic behaviour of my president. It’s a disgrace and I apologize to Justin Trudeau and the other people at G7. It’s disgusting.” (Toronto Star, June 11)

As everyone who has been conscious since the weekend knows, animosity developed between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Trump at the G7 meeting in Quebec. The sparks began to fly after Trudeau held a press conference following the U.S. president’s departure from Quebec. Trudeau said the tariffs imposed on Canada were “insulting” and he was not going to be pushed around by the U.S.

After learning about what Trudeau said, Trump tweeted Trudeau made “false statements” at his press conference and described the Canadian prime minister as “meek and mild” and “dishonest and weak” at the G7 meetings. Trump threatened in addition to the tariffs imposed on Canadian steel and aluminum, the U.S. might impose tariffs on Canada’s auto industry.

Trump was asked about Trudeau as he was leaving Singapore after his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un. The president explained that he and Trudeau got along well at the meeting and Trudeau waited until he left to say he would not be pushed around by Trump. Trump said Trudeau probably did not know Air Force One has about 20 television sets and he was able to watch the press conference live.

Trump said Trudeau’s stand “is going to cost a lot of money for the people of Canada.” (Maclean’s, June 12)

These tariffs, especially if tariffs are imposed on the auto sector, will be devastating to Canada’s economy. As a result, politicians of all political stripes are united in standing behind Justin Trudeau in opposing Trump’s actions. What happened is far from just a little dispute between leaders.

Doug Ford, leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and premier-designate, was first off the mark saying he was standing behind Trudeau in the trade dispute. Federal opposition leader, Andrew Scheer also indicated his party’s support of the Canadian government.

It is in the context of the above that the mayor of Toronto decided to thank a deranged actor for saying “f**k Trump.” Tory has no use for the uncouth Ford like he had for the premier-designate’s late brother, Mayor Rob Ford. He feels he is so much above them and does not hesitate to let everyone know.

Tory is a little man who craves attention. Agreeing with De Niro was just as disgusting as De Niro’s comments were. Tory obviously doesn’t care about Toronto’s tourist industry that is dependent upon Americans, many of whom are Trump supporters. Hopefully, Tory will get the attention he seeks from outraged Americans. And if he thinks his thanking De Niro for saying “F**k Trump” is going to help resolve the trade dispute he’s going to be in for a big surprise.

It was a disgraceful performance by the mayor of Canada’s largest city.


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