If you ask conservatives in California who are rallying behind Allen, the answer is a very enthusiastic, "Yes!"

Travis Allen Sparks GOP Hope in California

By —— Bio and Archives--April 24, 2018

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Travis Allen Sparks GOP Hope in California

While the GOP has written California off as a lost cause, the conservatives in the State are fighting to save their State, and likely (they believe), to save America. They say as California goes, so goes the nation. I don’t know about that. But, I do know that liberalism is like a disease, and when liberal left ideas achieve a firm hold in California, it’s tentacles spread outward towards other States, seeking to infect them, as well. That is why, when, a week ago an army of Tea Party advocates were in Beaumont, California encouraging the city council to take a position in opposition to California’s Sanctuary State law, there were folks from many cities across California, and even from Arizona, right there in the mix. The folks in Arizona know that if the leftist leviathan isn’t stopped in California, it won’t be long before the maddening monstrosity of hard left destruction begins to seep into their own State.


In truth, defending our individual States against a tyrannical enemy is an age-old American tradition.

The American Revolution first erupted in Massachusetts. The first protests against the Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, the occupation of Boston by British Troops, the disappearance of four cannons, the march to Salem (where it was believed the cannons were hidden), the shot heard ‘round the world in Lexington as the British marched to Concord to disarm the colony by seizing the missing cannons and the ammunition stored there, and The Siege of Boston, all took place in Massachusetts. It wasn’t long before the other colonies realized that what was happening in “Massachusetts’ War” would likely spread into their own communities if the colonies did not unite, and stand together, to try and stop the fight before it spread from Massachusetts, into the other colonies.

Eventually, the British departed from Boston, and shortly after that Spring of 1776 retreat, the entire union of colonies became a union of States, and together they Declared Independence from the British Empire. Then, together, they proceeded to defeat the tyranny that sought to destroy them.

The war to overthrow the Constitution and American Liberty is raging in California, and it threatens to spill over into other States if not contained.

California has become a modern-day Lexington Green, or Sumpter Hill (if you believe we are in a modern day civil war for the soul of America). The raging liberal left war against American Liberty, and the raging liberal left assault against the ideas of American Freedom is raging in the Golden State, and the forces of tyranny have had the upper-hand for decades.

The California Republic is no stranger to revolution. With only two Mexican settlements in the territory, Los Angeles and San Jose, the Californianos rejected Santa Anna’s tyranny, and dismantling of the 1824 Mexican Constitution (which had been crafted after the American Constitution). With an influx of American settlers, and many Mexican settlers rejecting the dictator of Mexico, in 1846 the Californians launched the Bear Flag Revolt. The unrecognized republic that resulted from the revolt existed for about 25 days, until the United States planted an American Flag in Monterrey just south of San Francisco. The war of liberation by the United States to free the Californianos and Tejanos from the iron grip of a blood-thirsty dictator was eventually won, and shortly afterward the State of California was admitted to the union in 1850. While the Republic of California was short-lived, the essence of the bear flag lives on.

Gubernatorial Candidate Travis Allen rejects the dictatorship in Sacramento. The Republican Candidate for Governor of California has launched a revolt against the tyranny of the California Democrat Party. Travis Allen is working to break the iron grip of the tyrants in California, and he believes he can win.

The story in California, as presented by the Democrats, claim that the Mexican-American War was a war of expansion, rather than the war of liberation that it was. The illegal aliens are flooding from across the border, demanding an overthrow of American jurisdiction over the region, and the Democrat politicians in Sacramento are aiding and abetting the invaders in a treasonous flurry. The Democrat majority has done more than declare California a sanctuary for illegal alien invaders.

Travis Allen says, “No more.”

The California Democrats have also been working to dismantle free speech, usurp the right to keep and bear arms, and tax California into a position where the only way to go is downward into a position that would be economically more like Mexico’s financial disaster, and perhaps they are even willing to stranglehold the Golden State into a socialist frenzy that would cripple the local economy, and make the State more like the failed utopian liberal left fantasies of Detroit, or Venezuela.

Travis Allen is running for Governor of California with the intent to stop the invasion, restore constitutionality and reestablish the rule of law.

While the Democrats work to destroy California, under the presidency of Donald J. Trump, the rest of the country is experiencing a renaissance. Fourteen states have set new records for low unemployment rates in the last year. A number of recent polls are beginning to sway to 50% and higher for Trump’s approval rating, despite the manipulation of the polls by the liberal left. And the Blue Wave being predicted for November of 2018’s mid-term elections is beginning to look like a blue trickle, and perhaps, just maybe, a net Republican gain in seats in Congress, as well as around the country’s State legislatures. Not only must we remember that these same liberal leftists were the ones claiming that a Hillary Clinton win was the inevitable outcome in 2016, but also we must be reminded that while the liberal left is doing everything they can to protect their collective bottoms, many of the voters are beginning to notice that Trump is a very successful president, after all.

That means that a Trumpesque Candidate in California may be able to achieve the impossible, and pull off a similar historical win in the Golden State.

Nearly two dozen cities (and counties) in California are opting out of the unconstitutional Sanctuary State law. Historically blue seats are in trouble, and historically red seats lost by the Republicans in recent elections are looking like they may swing back to the red column. Various offices are also being pursued by very qualified members of the GOP, and their numbers are beginning to look like they have a legitimate shot. Voter fraud is being challenged, and a Trump-like candidate for governor is taking the State by storm.

A few weeks ago, when the Unite I.E. Conservative Conference, the State’s largest conservative conference who this year featured Sebastian Gorka as its keynote speaker, was upon Californians, a local newspaper asked, “What’s on Conservative’s minds as they gather in Riverside?

I am figuring the Democrats were thinking that an event in California filled with conservatives would be full of doom and gloom for the GOP. However, what happened was excitement, encouragement, and a litany of fired up candidates for a variety of State and federal offices . . . especially when it came to the pure fire and optimism in the delivery by Travis Allen for Governor.

Unite I.E.‘s straw vote, performed by text messaging, after both John Cox and Travis Allen spoke, gave Allen a whopping 94% to 6% win from the Inland Empire conservatives in attendance.


Cox’s presentation was flat, boring, filled with explanations in an attempt to defend against his less-than conservative past, and he bailed out the door the moment he was finished speaking. Allen, however, as he always does, was among the last ones to leave, making sure he shook every hand, took every picture, and spoke to everyone who wished to have a word with him.

His speech was filled with irreverence against the Democrats, and filled with hope for conservatism and the future of California. He pointed out that he’s the only candidate in the race who voted for Trump. He explained that he supported the President from the moment the billionaire emerged as the GOP nominee. Allen even wrote an article explaining why Republicans needed to support the businessman in his bid for President of the United States as Donald Trump rose to the top and gained the Republican Party nomination. Travis Allen, in his speech, called for a reversal of the gas tax, and a repeal of the Sanctuary State law. He called for an end to Moonbeam Brown’s train to nowhere, and a start to creating much-needed facilities to store water so that drought conditions become a distant memory, and a minor irritation. Allen was full of fire and energy, and the cheering crowd responded approvingly.

A couple weeks later, April 20, Travis spoke at the University of California at Riverside. The College Republicans requested an event, and Travis Allen delivered. Despite all of the obstacles thrown up by the University (such as a $1,000 security fee) and the emergence of local crazies (we were met by members of what looked like Antifa and communists claiming to be liberal left Democrats as they brandished their red stars and Che Guevara images), the room filled to capacity, and once again Travis Allen delivered an energy-filled rebuke of Democrat Party rule in California. Once again, he was among the last to depart, making sure he took every picture, shook every hand, and handed out every T-Shirt requested by the members of the crowd.

I talked to his support staff on Saturday and he went to a morning event in Southern California’s Tustin, to Northern California’s Santa Cruz in the afternoon, during one of my commercial breaks during Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET 1490-AM. When we couldn’t get Travis Allen to be able to come on live for an interview for my Saturday radio program due to his incredibly busy weekends schedule, I was told, “no problem”. Travis Allen has stated repeatedly he wants to be on my program, and they will work to make sure there will be an opportunity during the week to come into the studio so as to interview with me personally as a pre-record for later playback.

John Cox was only willing to come on my radio program before he was running for office, to sell his disastrous idea of a neighborhood legislature. Multiple requests to Cox, or any of the Democrats, have been rejected. Either they see my hit program in the Inland Empire as being too small, or too conservative.

While the mainstream media is claiming John Cox, the GOP RINO from Chicago who voted for pro-abortion Gary Johnson in the 2016 Presidential Election, and is a former Democrat, leads in the polls, there are a number of polls which say otherwise.

Last November polls showed Travis Allen leading John Cox, and closing in on the Democrats.

In a GOP January poll after a Republican Party debate, Travis Allen beat John Cox 64.6% to 11.4%.

In February, in an attempt to make it sound like Gavin Newsom is untouchable, POLITICO admitted Travis Allen is ahead of John Cox overall by a percentage point.

The Redlands Tea Party, the largest Tea Party group in California, gave their straw poll win to Travis Allen by a vote of 81% to 17%. San Diegans for a secure border followed that up with an endorsement.

The Democrats have been doubling down on taxation, and it was Travis Allen who fired the first shot across their bow with an attempt to repeal the gas tax. He has since joined forces with another gas tax repeal effort led by San Diegan Carl DeMaio.

It has been Travis Allen leading the way when it comes to demanding an end of the Sanctuary State law, calling it dangerous for our law enforcement, a danger to public safety in our communities, and in violation of the United States Constitution. As he has urged cities to defy their State’s illegal law, the number of cities opting out has been rising rapidly.

As California Democrats have sought to unconstitutionally infringe on Californian’s right to keep and bear arms, Travis Allen has continuously slammed the liberal left for their assault on our Natural Rights. Allen’s website states, “The plain truth though is that no amount of gun control legislation will ever stop bad people from doing terrible things. Politicians attacking Americans’ constitutional right to protect ourselves only further endangers all of us and our families.”

The Democrats have continuously refused to admit that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens make society safer, and ultimately saves lives.

The Democrats in the gubernatorial race in California support taxing people at any opportunity that government can muster. The Democrats in the gubernatorial race in California support the concept of no borders, defending criminal aliens, placing our communities at risk with dangerous policies. Allen stands against SB-54 which is the Sanctuary State law, Prop. 47 which reduced criminal penalties, and Prop. 57 which released countless criminals onto our streets . . . all of which have led to an increase in crime rates in California, and have turned the streets in California cities into what looks like a third-world nation.

Travis Allen has called for an end to Governor Brown’s high speed train that nobody will ride, and instead calls for more traffic lanes as a result of infrastructure repairs and additions so that everyone will be able to drive to work in reduced traffic. Allen has called for an end to Governor Brown’s water tunnels, and instead demands the creation of more water-storage facilities.

The Democrats, however, continue to ignore the writing on the wall. Their arrogance has them believing they are unstoppable. They believe that nobody has noticed they are destroying California. Is it possible that Democrats, while they believe they are invincible, actually don’t have their act together, and have overplayed their hand?

[Travis] Allen compares the mood of the electorate to that 14 years ago when Democratic Gov. Gray Davis was recalled in a historic election and replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state’s last Republican governor.

“Californians have had enough. They’re tired of being marginalized and ignored,” Allen said. “Californians are tired of having to send their kids to failing schools and being stuck in the nation’s worst traffic and suffering through recurring droughts due to crumbling infrastructure.”

Meg Whitman’s run for governor in 2010 gave evidence that money alone cannot win an election, despite John Cox’s claim to the contrary. To win, a Republican must be optimistic, fiery, and have a message that reveals the truth about the liberal left Democrats that even the most ardent leftist voter cannot deny is devastating to California’s well-being.

Travis Allen possesses all three of those things; optimistic, fiery, and a powerful message of renewal.

Is it enough to put the Republicans into the Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento in the upcoming elections?

If you ask conservatives in California who are rallying behind Allen, the answer is a very enthusiastic, “Yes!”


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