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Trump accomplishments vs. media crap

By —— Bio and Archives--April 3, 2017

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A caller asked a very pertinent question last week that I could not immediately answer. Namely, had any one compiled a list of accomplishments by the Trump Administration, instead of the liberal media’s focus on things most people do not care about.

Me being me, I wanted to find the answer and I did. I found it, coincidently, on the Sean Hannity TV Show. I guess there’s some truth to the scripture “ask, and you shall receive”.

One of Sean’s guests was Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to President Trump, talking about the accomplishments of this administration so far. She was not talking about the stuff most Americans don’t care about, which the liberal media choose to focus on.

And another thing! President Trump and his administration are doing the things he campaigned on when he was candidate Trump. So why are the liberals and Democrats going ballistic over anything and everything he says and does? Answer: They are against anything and everything Trump to stop him from achieving his agenda.

First, let’s look at some early Trump accomplishments:

    Created a positive tone from the top, inspiring businesses to grow again
  • Stopped regulatory attacks on businesses through executive orders
  • Unleashed America’s energy sector by rolling back business-killing regulations
  • Nominated originalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
  • Issued an EO for the IRS to not enforce the health insurance mandate or penalties, pending repeal and replacement of ObamaCare
  • Issued an EO to rollback unjustifiable EPA regulations
  • Stopped the growth of federal spending with a freeze on federal hiring
  • Proposed a $54 million increase in military spending to rebuild the military
  • Created jobs by encouraging businesses to stay and build in the U.S.
  • Renegotiating trade deals. approaching trade in a bi-lateral manner instead of doing group deals
  • Received more than 200 bids to build the wall along the U.S. southern border
  • Enforcing immigration laws, although that is being slowed by liberal judges
  • Empowering the military to defeat ISIS
  • Extreme vetting of refugees, although that is currently being blocked by the Courts
  • Appointed and got confirmed a new head of Veterans’ Affairs
  • The Trump administration has accomplished this and more while fighting off fake news, false news, speculative news, the Democrats and the Washington establishment - which includes some Republicans - in less than 100 days!

Repeal and replace ObamaCare •  Lower taxes / tax reform • Repatriate corporate profits

Here are the big things the administration is working on that need congressional cooperation:

  • Repeal and replace ObamaCare
  • Lower taxes / tax reform
  • Repatriate corporate profits

All of these things will help boost economic growth. But the liberals will say he has failed, because he has not delivered them in the first 100 days. Bull feathers! But that’s what they focus on.

Speaking of which, here are some of the useless, meaningless and irrelevant things the liberal media focus on:



Continued below...

Useless, meaningless and irrelevant things the liberal media focus on

  • Russian connection crap. No new evidence has turned up in months.
  • When will Melania and Barron move to Washington?
  • President Trump and his staff not attending the correspondents gala
  • How many times President Trump goes to Florida
  • Who talked to who when (see Nunes, Devin)
  • Latest speculative attack on an administration official
  • The constant misleading attacks by Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

This is the “who cares” list. Nothing on it matters.

What does any of it have to do with making people’s lives better or safer? Nothing! It’s all about them, politics, and not about the people.

What’s refreshing about President Trump and his administration is that they just keep on moving on. They are doing a lot and there’s a lot to be done, and most of the American people know it and are behind them.

The Democrats, liberals, socialists, anti-Trumpers and their liberal media megaphones are reaching the point where they’re just talking amongst themselves. That’s because people with common sense are not listening.

People prefer results, and they are seeing them despite the media crap.

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