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Trump announces plan to give ‘awards’ for the worst in ‘fake news’ - media conniption fit in 3…2..

By —— Bio and Archives--January 3, 2018

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Trump announces plan to give 'awards' for the worst in 'fake news' - media conniption
There’s nothing the media hates more than the term “Fake News” - except, possibly, the fact that it’s managed to stick and become part of the popular lexicon. This is particularly true of outfits like CNN, a “news” organization that’s not only the worst fake news offender, but also a channel that’s been around long enough to remember the good ol’ days. Back then, CNN could run whatever it wanted and rest easy in the knowledge that it would be taken as the gospel truth. 

Then the internet arrived.

Veracity of CNN’s reporting

Suddenly, people had the audacity to question the veracity of CNN’s reporting. The hoi polloi had gotten wise, and CNN had a harder time selling its tripe. Still, various Presidents were loathe to fight back against the steady stream of BS.  The old conventional wisdom said that you couldn’t win a battle with the press, so politicos - Republicans in particular - took the high road and avoided the fray.

This way of thinking held until Donald Trump appeared on the scene. Suddenly, CNN was faced with a presidential candidate who had no qualms about calling them out. The tactic proved popular since it echoed what virtually every Republican had been saying privately for decades.

Sadly, CNN made the mistake of countering Trump’s “fake news” charge in the worst possible way.  They doubled down and ran more fake news. As the months passed, they became more and more hysterical until they devolved into a sort of self-parody.

Now, we have an announcement from the President that will really drive them over the edge….

Media’s histrionic over-reactions

This, dare I say it, is brilliant.

Democrats in the mainstream press are headed for a conniption fit of epic proportions.  I mean it. They’re going to lose their minds. There won’t be any effort to maintain decorum or dignity.  Most of that is gone anyway, and what’s left will be sacrificed because they simply won’t be able to help themselves.

...And their histrionic over-reactions will only serve to draw attention to their dishonesty and prove Trump’s point.

We will, of course, be here Monday to let you know who the “winners” are (other than Jim Acosta, since you already know that’s coming) and we’ll do our best to cover what are sure to be hilariously inept responses.

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