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Trump called Haiti a shithole; the Clintons bilked millions out of it

By —— Bio and Archives--January 16, 2018

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Trump called Haiti a shithole; the Clintons bilked millions out of it
Here’s a perfect capsule of our political class, circa 2018. Donald says a bad word when the teacher isn’t listening, so Dickie runs to the teacher and tells. For five days, nothing else has mattered.

For the record, President Trump denies that he referred to Haiti and any number of African countries as shitholes. Also for the record, most of those countries are shitholes, particularly Haiti, where generations of corrupt leadership have produced widespread, abject poverty. If Trump really said what Dick Durbin ran to the media and claimed he said, it was nothing any different from what many other politicians have said when they were sure they were in private company.

You’d think Trump would have learned, after all the leaks and anonymously sourced stories attacking him, that he is never in company he can really trust. But after that rather extraordinary bipartisan meeting on immigration that happened Wednesday, Trump might have gotten the impression that he could dispense with the formalities and speak freely in front of both Democrats and Republicans, because the atmosphere in the room seemed to be one of problem-solving and not political backstabbing.

Oops. Never a wise assumption when Dick Durbin is present.

Anyway, Trump gave a gift to those looking for reasons to feign outrage, and they’ve been running with it ever since. He didn’t actually do any damage to those who live in the aforementioned shithole countries, but he said a mean word, and in an age when people drop F-bombs every three seconds in front of their parents and face no consequences whatsoever, the entire civilized world is crumbling to the ground over the president’s shocking mendacity.

By the way, the person Dick Durbin wanted to be president did a lot more to Haiti than say a mean word about it. She bilked some serious coin from the impoverished citizens of Haiti, and it was known she had done it well before Durbin and other Democrats now feigning outrage over Trump’s words tried to make her president.

In case you’ve forgotten, Dinesh D’Souza sums it up:

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich Off Poor Haitians


By all accounts Hillary swears like a sailor. But when she does, Dick Durbin doesn’t run and tattle

If you want more details about how the Clinton Foundation pulled off this scam (and you should), D’Souza offers some further specifics here. The Haiti business was a classic Clinton Foundation scam. They identified real needs in the world, posed as benevolent actors poised to help make the situation better, then used that proposition to line their pockets from donors who got contracts and other rewards in exchange for their cash.

The Clintons knew they didn’t have to fulfill their promises to Haiti because the media only covered the supposed good intentions of their “foundation,” not the reality of how it served as a source of personal wealth and political influence while consistently failing to deliver what it purports to do.

Donald Trump sometimes speaks in crude terms, which is hardly a shocking revelation to anyone. Bill and Hillary Clinton use the suffering of people as an opportunity to rake in cash and dole out favors to their political patrons. Oh, by the way, by all accounts Hillary swears like a sailor. But when she does, Dick Durbin doesn’t run and tattle.

As you were, America.

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