Trump endorses Roy Moore

By —— Bio and Archives--December 4, 2017

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Trump endorses Roy Moore
Dan and I have both argued that it’s gotten pretty tough to discount all the allegations against Roy Moore.  Keep in mind, I’m not talking about criminal charges here, just a gut-check about whether or not I’d give him my vote. Yes, Gloria Allred is a worthless ambulance chaser, but - if you’re going to ignore all of the myriad stories - you’ve either made a strategic decision or you’re extending Moore a rather gargantuan benefit of the doubt.

Still, it seems most Alambama Republicans - thanks in part to the media’s credibility implosion - have decided to do exactly that.

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Earlier today, President Trump chimed in on his Twitter feed - where he gave a vocal endorsement to Roy Moore.


This morning, I recieved an email from a colleage asking me what I thought about people supporting the embattled candidate.  This was my reply:

“If you honestly don’t believe the charges, that’s your decision. I get that they’re he said/she said. Personally have a hard time discounting all of them, but if you’re not buying it, fine. You’ve made a different call.

However, if deep down you believe they’re true and you’re supporting Moore anyway?  That’s a problem. I can’t ignore molestation for the sake of political strategy.”

...And that’s where it has to end up.  There’s probably no way to prove that Moore did the things he’s accused of doing.  There’s definitely no way to prove that he didn’t.  So, each voter is going to have to make his own decision based on instinct.  Do you believe the guy, or not?

Make the call, cast your ballot, and live with the decision.

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