He Should Focus on Arms of Statue Opponents and His Love of All Americans

Trump Must Focus More on What Media Covers Up about Charlottesville, Phoenix and Statues

By —— Bio and Archives--August 24, 2017

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President Trump must focus on educating the American people that many of the anti-statue and anti-police demonstrators came to Charlottesville armed with offensive weapons furnished by George Soros and other anti-Trump hypocrites.  How many people who listened to the media reports on the Phoenix speech last night about Charlottesville last week and the statues are aware that Trump pointed out that many of the anti-statue people came armed with clubs, to go with their helmets and black masks?  When the president commented that there was fault on both sides, he was referring to those people on both sides who came and come armed and braced for fights; he never equated Nazis with peaceful protestors.

Many people on both sides intended to peacefully express views for and against preserving historical monuments; those are the people Trump defended; not the Nazis.  They are the people protected under our Bill of Rights, but many people on both sides were looking for fights, and such people were indeed properly criticized by Trump, and improperly not kept apart by the police.

Most of the members of the media simply refused to acknowledge that not all the people at Charlottesville and throughout the country who wanted and continue to want to preserve our history, for better or for worse, were Nazis or Neo-Nazis. To the contrary, Nazis distorted history and the truth; true liberals as well as true conservatives preserve history and learn from history. The press that distorted what happened at Charlottesville were behaving like Nazis in this respect; not Trump. Trump insisted on defending the truth; not the media.

Most of the members of the media fail to point out that a niece of Martin Luther King was acknowledged by President Trump at last night’s Phoenix rally, and supports her uncle and her president in focusing on the dream that people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. This was King’s dream; not the Dream Act on behalf of children of illegal aliens. And this is what President Trump is intent on turning into a reality. How many listeners to or readers of the mainstream media heard that Trump in his speech last night in Phoenix clearly stated that “racism is evil,” and articulated his “love for every American child,” his “respect for all Americans,” his “love of all the people in our country,” and his quest for “justice for all Americans”?

One of the most powerful examples of hypocrisy in the media is the media’s focus on President Trump’s original failure to specify by name his opposition to the KKK, the Nazis, and the white supremacists,  and the media’s failure to acknowledge that President Trump condemned them by name a couple of days later more often than virtually any other contemporary politician since he is so repeatedly falsely accused of not condemning them, so he has more of a need to condemn them and does indeed condemn them.

But the absolutely most powerful and egregious example of outrageous hypocrisy by the media is its failure to note how President Obama consistently refused to spell out that terrorists were radical Islamic terrorists, and unlike President Trump, Obama refused to spell this out two days later – or ever. Yet the media continues to give Obama a pass for his lack of specificity, while continuing to condemn President Trump despite his repeated specificity, and his words and actions promoting love of all Americans.

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