Trump is 'Lonesome Rhodes',' Cal Thomas' opinion

Trump no 'Lonesome Rhodes'

By —— Bio and Archives--September 17, 2015

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Pointing an accusatory finger always points three fingers back: columnist Thomas is also a prime violator of Ronald Reagan’s “11 Commandment” not to speak ill of fellow Republicans.  His underlying beef with Trump: he’s not an apparatchik of the Republican party—not genuine in all of his stated views (like Mr. Obama’s 2008 promise to slow the rise of the oceans)—and doesn’t have specific “plans” regarding Putin’s aggression or Iranian malfeasance.


What Mr. Thomas fails to see is that government is so big, powerful and bureaucratic, explicit “plans” are not necessary: today any US president is little more than a director of intention and a manager of resources.  Indeed, how is that different from being a king of industry like Mr. Trump?  And unlike the professional politician ruling class susceptible to the economic catnip of special interest lobbyists, Mr. Trump is bankrolling his own campaign and is not “for sale” to the highest bidder á la the influence-peddling Clintons.

Despite being a colorful and controversial figure, bombastic Donald Trump leads in the polls because he is an outspoken American first.  (Contrast that to Democrats who are always blindly party first, party always).  Mr. Trump says stentorian the things average Americans grumble about as radically far left ultra-constitutional Democrats push America further over a cliff to mediocrity and socialistic ruin.  What a novel concept: a plain-speaking leader who recognizes the people’s will for a change!

Is Mr. Trump the genuine article? Only time will tell, but it is overly cynical (and superficial) to compare The Donald to ‘Lonesome Rhodes.’  A billionaire businessman is no hayseed.  In truth, ‘Lonesome Rhodes’ is much more like modern day Democrats: snake-oil salesmen who depend on the ignorance (“Those morons out there? Shucks, I could take chicken fertilizer and sell it to them as caviar”) of MSM-fed low-information voters. ‘Ignore your lying eyes to incompetence,’ they infer with sleazy, disingenuous smiles, ‘elect me solely on the basis of ethnicity or gender.’  That’s the real “face in the crowd” political trickster who, evidently, has completely fooled Cal Thomas.


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