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Trump trashes Don Lemon as ‘the dumbest man on television.’ CNN has meltdown about ‘bullying.’

By —— Bio and Archives--December 11, 2017

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Trump trashes Don Lemon as 'the dumbest man on television.
I’ll be honest. I don’t know if Don Lemon (a guy who once wondered if black holes had swallowed a missing airplane) is the “dumbest man on television.” He might be. He could also be the smartest.  Like I said, I don’t know.  I also don’t care.

What I do know is this:

100% certainty. Dumbest? Who knows

  • Don Lemon is one of the most biased people on television.
  • Don Lemon is one of the most shameless people on television.
  • Don Lemon is one of the most cravenly partisan people on television.
  • Don Lemon is one of the least interesting people on television.
  • Don Lemon is one of the most reactionary people on television.
  • Don Lemon is one of the people least deserving of the title “journalist” to appear anywhere on your TV dial.

All of those things I can say with 100% certainty. Dumbest? Who knows. President Trump thinks Lemon is one of the dumbest.

The President’s tweet came in reference to a story saying the Commander in Chief watches a ridiculous amount of television.

CNN, an almost exclusively anti-Trump TV network that spends the vast majority of its time running anti-Trump stories - whether they’re true or not -  freaked out, claiming that Trump is “a bully.”

They’ve released a statement claiming that school children will learn from Trump’s example, and will start bullying…  I don’t know who.  Don Lemon, maybe?

“In a world where bullies torment kids on social media to devastating effect on a regular basis with insults and name calling, it is sad to see our president engaging in the very same behavior himself. Leaders should lead by example.”

I’m not sure, but I’m close to positive that I’ve never heard anything more pathetic. CNN has been busted, over and over again, for running completely phony stories that belittle, trash, attack, and diminish the current President.  And yet, they have the gall to tell literally anyone to lead by example?

Here’s an idea: if CNN can go 30 days without running anything that’s demonstrably false, they get some kind of “liars anonymous” keychain.  If they can make it to the end of a year, we’ll give them a whole five minutes to air their grievances.

Odds are, they’ll never even get the keychain, since they just can’t help themselves.

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