Every word of Trump's tweet is true, and it's about time the United States actually stands with the Iranian people in their quest for freedom

Trump tweet blames Obama for bankrolling Iran’s mad mullahs; Trump tweet is correct

By —— Bio and Archives--January 3, 2018

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Trump tweet blames Obama for bankrolling Iran's mad mullahs; Trump tweet is correct
When the Iranian people rose up against their oppressors early in Barack Obama’s presidency, Obama neither said nor did anything to show support for them. Why? Because he didn’t want to piss off the mad mullahs, with whom he fully intended to negotiate the nuclear deal that stands as one of the worst agreements an American president ever made.

I would say another reason is that Obama genuinely had no sympathy for the Iranian people. When he sees oppressive regimes around the world, he thinks to himself, “America is no better,” so it’s not a priority for him to advocate for the freedom of people like the would-be Green Revolutionaries who got brutally put down by the Iranian regime.

Allowing their drug trafficking to go on unabated

But it didn’t end there. Obama did negotiate that nuclear deal, and it amounted to little more than the U.S. lifting sanctions and unfreezing Iran’s financial assets, while signing on to an inspection charade that no one believes will stop Iran from developing the bomb. And what did they give us in exchange for this? Nothing. John Kerry’s approach to negotiating with bad actors is “I can get them to trust me,” and the way he does this is to give them anything they want - up to and including allowing their drug trafficking to go on unabated.

Iran wanted their money. Iran wanted the freedom to continue supporting terrorism. Iran wanted no legal action against the drug-trafficking terrorists they supported. Iran got all that, all so Kerry could “win their trust.” Geez. When a guy is that willing to facilitate your murderous criminality, it’s not so much a matter of trusting him. You just recognize that he’s your toady and you can take advantage of him, so you might as well.

Supposedly the release of some $1.7 billion in Iranian assets was going to go to shore up the Iranian economy. The people now protesting in the streets of Iran know full well that this did not happen. The money has gone to further support of international terrorism, to meddling in Syria and Iraq, and to the continued pursuit of the bomb Obama’s deal was supposed to prevent.

And yet it’s somehow controversial that Donald Trump yesterday tweeted this:

The only acceptable outcome here is the fall of Obama’s and Kerry’s BFFs in Tehran

We’ve been saying since the Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2015 that it was a fiasco. It was an attempt by Obama and Kerry to notch a foreign policy achievement that could be called “historic,” and it was fueled by the belief of both men that Iran’s evil acts over the course of decades were no reason the U.S. should hold anything against them, since we are not so virtuous and have no business having a high and mighty attitude vis-a-vis anyone else.

The media blow gaskets whenever Trump speaks critically of Obama, and I don’t think he should go to that well too often lest he become just like Obama blaming George W. Bush for everything.

But Iran was a particularly egregious piece of diplomatic malfeasance on Obama’s part. It shored up an evil regime and released money to them with no real obligation that they use it to help the people, and with no serious commitment on their part to stop any of the evil they did then and do now.

Every word of Trump’s tweet is true, and it’s about time the United States actually stands with the Iranian people in their quest for freedom. The only acceptable outcome here is the fall of Obama’s and Kerry’s BFFs in Tehran, with the U.S. supporting the change every step of the way.

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