Trump didn't make bad mistake on Sweden - bad people made bad accusation

Trump's Biggest Mistake Was Not the DATE of Swedish Terrorism, But UNDERSTATING ITS SCOPE

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Trump didn’t make bad mistake on Sweden - bad people made bad accusation

Remember the rule: People who don’t take Trump seriously take his every word literally; people who take Trump seriously don’t take his every word literally.


It’s true that Trump referred to a terrorist attack in Sweden last night. There WAS a terrorist attack in Sweden last year—actually, about 25 to 50 terrorist attacks by ISIS people or sympathizers in Sweden’s third largest city last New Year’s eve even though Trump’s clarification did not refer to any of them. In retrospect, it could have and should have referred to this New Year’s eve outbreak of attacks. You can—and should—Google “Sweden terror New Year’s Eve.” Once again, Trump was off on his facts, but the thrust of his facts is true.

Sweden had a terror attack, but actually 25 to 50 terrorist attacks in one night. This error wasn’t reported in the press—that Trump understated the problem by referring to only one terror attack when there were an estimated 25-50 terrorist attacks in a single city in Sweden in a single night! I heard about this when U.S. Senator Rand Paul (a former candidate for President against Trump who had been humiliated by candidate Trump, and surely had every motive to jump at the opportunity to humiliate Trump in return) was interviewed an hour or two ago, noting that he (Senator Paul) doesn’t mind Trump’s being a little bit off on his facts as long as he (Trump) does so much good with his ACTIONS.

Incidentally, I also read that Sweden has the highest rate of immigrants per capita, and its rate of violent crime and rape has risen dramatically since its immigration rate of Muslims has gone up, so it is inevitable that there will be more of such attacks in the future.

Battlefield Sweden: Police admit Malmo isn’t safe as thugs send fireworks into crowds

SWEDISH police have admitted the city of Malmo, which was been described as a “battlefield”, is not safe as they failed to stop thugs from sending fireworks into the crowd on New Year’s Eve.

On December 31, police struggled to cope with rowdy crowds wreaking havoc across the Scandinavian nation as more than 50 incidents of people sending rockets at police, public transport and rescue services were reported in west Sweden alone.

In one shocking clip from Malmo – Sweden’s third largest city – the destructive youths can be seen revelling in the chaos as they launch fireworks into the crowd gathered outside to see in the new year.

The rampage at Mollevang square was filmed by Jash Doweyko-Jurkowski, who described it as a battlefield. —More…



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