Most of the dramatic military victories in world history – and certainly in our lifetime -- can be explained by means of strategy and weaponry.

Trump’s Most Miraculous Election Victory in History: Against All the Odds, All the Cards Stacked Against Him, and All the Factors in Play

By —— Bio and Archives--November 12, 2016

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Whether or not you believe in God—or in Trump—and whether or not you believe that the recent U.S. Presidential election was good—or bad—every objective observer will have to concede that Donald Trump’s shocking victory had all of the features of the most miraculous event in the lifetime of every living human being on our planet.

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States over a corrupt, pro-socialist, pro-Obama-Iran deal, and therefore in effect pro-terrorist Hillary Clinton was counter-intuitive even to Trump’s supporters as well as to his detractors.

It was a true miracle in our time, to overcome so many forces of evil and hypocrisy.

  • Most newspapers and most of Trump’s opponents of flesh and blood, perpetuated a blood libel, and opposed Trump, in large measure basing their opposition on lies – all or most of the mantra and false narrative of Trump’s allegedly being a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, and an opponent of all African-Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, and Mexicans.
  • Trump generally didn’t even attempt to rebut these lies, or even to address them, in most of his campaign appearances, clearly considering them beneath contempt, even though they generated unjustified contempt of him.
  • Trump modified his position on vetting of Muslims, to vetting people from terrorist countries, yet continued and continues to be accused of seeking to prevent the entry of people into this country based on religion (while the press failed to put Trump’s positions into perspective, keeping in mind what President Franklin did – and did not do - for Jews escaping the holocaust and reaching American shores— being turned away, without posing any threat – and FDR’s interning Japanese, and President Jimmy Carter’s expulsion of Iranians already in the country).
  • Trump was accused of racism for advocating law and order (while advocates of Black Lives Matter demonized the police and thereby discouraged them from doing their jobs and protecting blacks, whose lives are endangered in inner cities at the hands – and guns and knives – of fellow blacks far more than by white police officers killing blacks with no provocations).
  • Over 50 major newspapers endorsed Trump’s opponent; 2 endorsed Trump.
  • Almost all the major television personalities supported Trump’s opponent (except for some on Fox television), again basing much of their support of Hillary on lies.
  • Most of the members of the Democratic Party’s establishment opposed Trump.
  • Most of the members of the REPUBLICAN Party’s establishment opposed Trump.
  • All 16 of Trump’s primary opponents, at their first debate, promised to support the eventual nominee; most of them broke this promise or certainly supported Trump in the most low-profile minimal way possible.
  • Almost all of them boycotted the Republican National Convention at which Trump was formally nominated.
  • All the former presidents of the United States failed to endorse Trump, including the two Bush Presidents, of Trump’s own party.
  • The list of prominent politicians who supported Hillary and campaigned actively for her included former President Bill Clinton (her husband), the incumbent President Obama (who stressed to his constituents—especially fellow African-Americans —that he wanted their support of Hillary in order to preserve HIS legacy), Obama’s popular wife Michelle, the incumbent Vice-President Biden, and many others.
  • Hillary herself is – or was, until the votes were counted—a celebrity politician, having served as Senator representing New York, and then Secretary of State, representing the United States of America.
  • Trump had no comparably prominent politicians campaigning on his behalf, the most famous and effective being a former mayor – Giuliani – who had once run for president and who had dropped out early in that campaign.
  • A video surfaced during the campaign, from 11 years ago, revealing that Trump had made some provocative inappropriate comments about women when he thought he was off the record and long before he entered politics;
  • Trump apologized.
  • A number of women accused Trump of having made unwanted advances on them, years ago, including some unwanted touching (though the press gave Bill Clinton a pass for having allegedly raped or tried to rape women while in public office, and Hillary had gotten a pass for having threatened women who had made accusations against Bill).
  • Trump denied all of these allegations, although even his most fervent supporters believed that at least some of the allegations were not baseless, but may have been based on events that Trump may have forgotten, in the course of time.
  • Trump was accused of improperly opposing freedom of religion upon merely and quite reasonably and legally opposing having a judge of Mexican descent rule on a lawsuit involving Trump since many people falsely believe that Trump opposes all Mexicans (but the press gave a prominent lawyer a pass, some years ago, in the first World Trade Center bombing case, when he wanted the Jewish Judge Mukasey – later the attorney general of the USA—to recuse himself where the accused was an Arab).
  • The Latino population has increased more than any other group in the country in some parts of the United States, most notably in the swing state of Florida, not coincidentally, since the last election, and have been imported by the Obama administration into this country from Puerto Rico and relocated specifically in large numbers in Florida systematically since the last election, and were known to have voted disproportionately and enthusiastically in this election, obviously primarily for Democrats.
  • Young people, especially in colleges, have been carefully courted and recruited, registered, and lied to by the Democrats;
  • Young people in general are brainwashed against traditional Judeo-Christian, American, and even Muslim values in our elementary schools, high schools, and universities, so that most women who graduated college voted against Trump, as did most young men and women in general.
  • President Obama’s main claim to fame before becoming president was as a community organizer, and he helped train Democrats in the art of organizing and getting out the vote.
  • Democrats bribed and drove many people by bus to the polls;
  • The extremely partisan pro-Hillary multi-billionaire George Soros was permitted to invest in voting machines, a type of investment he was not known to have been involved in before.
  • In addition to the standard allegations of voting irregularities, this year a new and particularly heinous and egregious voting irregularity surfaced in multiple states: Voters in multiple states reported that after voting for Trump, their machines showed they had casted their votes for Hillary! This was corrected in some cases when alert voters noticed it in time, but it is not known how many times this occurred, was not noticed, and/or not corrected.
  • Democrats admitted, on tape, paying Hillary supporters to go to Trump rallies, often disguised as Trump supporters, to create disturbances and violence, implying that Trump supporters were undemocratic, rough and violent, when ironically Democrats were behaving this way, often for pay, and with the added aspects of not only financial incentive, but hypocrisy, and framing whole groups of honest citizens.
  • Most high profile billionaires and other major donors supported Trump’s opponent;
  • Even most leading fundraisers of Trump’s own Republican party failed to give Trump’s campaign a penny, and some even campaigned against Trump, and convinced regular donors to the Republican party not to give a penny to Trump;
  • Trump essentially self-funded his campaign during the primaries, and accepted mostly modest donations during the general election, putting far less money into his campaigns than some of his opponents in the primaries (notably, Jeb Bush), and than Hillary Clinton in the general election.
  • Most of the super rich and super popular actors and actresses – most of “Hollywood”—supported Hillary;
  • Many of these actors and actresses raised money for Hillary, performed at events for her, and donated money to her;
  • Most famous singers and sports personalities did the same.
  • Trump, a billionaire (whose wealth is estimated at anywhere from below a billion dollars to 10 billion dollars) paid no more than 100 million dollars of his own money into his campaign (some sources say only 30 million dollars), while Hillary purportedly raised close to a billion dollars for her campaign.
  • Hillary supposedly had a highly sophisticated “ground game” with hundreds of workers organizing schemes to get out the vote in advance and on election day, while Trump didn’t have much of a ground game, had fewer than 100 paid employees involved in his campaign most of the time, and basically relied on enthusiasm to do what Hillary’s workers were getting paid to do.


  • Trump didn’t even run many commercials on television until the last weeks of the campaign; Hillary blanketed television with hostile and untrue commercials for many months.
  • James Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI) announced that no reasonable prosecutor would have continued the investigation of Hillary’s emails and alleged misdeeds (after listing some of Hillary’s most egregious prosecutable actions, and after taking note of some of her many major lies under oath, as to which many prosecutors promptly came forth and said they would have continued the investigation, leading inevitably to the formation of grand juries and indictments).
  • The FBI deferred until after the elections, and did not close its investigation, of the Clinton Foundation’s “pay for play” policies that many prosecutors said were illegal, and would have justified racketeering charges that would have put their leaders in prison.
  • The press generally didn’t challenge Hillary’s statement, at the third debate, that the Clinton Foundation was a model of efficiency and propriety by spending 90% of the funds it raised on actual charitable expenses, when its own tax forms were exposed to have indicated that the figure was closer to 6%, and revelations surfaced that much of this “90%” was spent on exorbitant salaries of Clinton cronies, expensive jet travel all over the world, wedding expenses for Chelsea Clinton, and living expenses of Chelsea Clinton.
  • No actions were taken against Attorney General Loretta Lynch or former President Bill Clinton for their clandestine meeting at an airport a few days before the FBI was to issue a major ruling on the allegations against Hillary based on her emails.
  • The FBI issued its decision exonerating Hillary Clinton only a day or two after interrogating her in clear violation of its procedures that required further analysis before issuing a decision, unless the fix was in, in advance.
  • The FBI claimed to have analyzed 650,000 emails in less than 10 days in order to be able to repeat its bogus exoneration of Hillary 2 days before the election.
  • The press generally played down the significant WikiLeak revelations, with repercussions on our national security, while playing up the personal allegations against Trump, and playing down the personal allegations against Bill Clinton, and Hillary’s actions against the accusers of her husband.
  • Trump had a personal disapproval percentage rate of about 63 (compared to Hillary’s disapproval rate of a mere 55%, despite all the support for her in the press and other influential sources as described above)
  • Literally dozens of allegations against Hillary, over the years, went largely ignored by most of the members of the media and most of their followers, some of which were listed in a previous article by this author (See “Snopes, Politifact, & Other Fact Checkers Are Liberal Mouthpieces,” Canada Free Press, November 6, 2016).

In the normal course of events, even one of the factors against Trump and Hillary could have torpedoed each candidate’s viability, yet despite all of these factors, the lies against Trump were rarely exposed; Hillary’s past liabilities were generally ignored by the press; and nevertheless Trump won the election. Amazing. Miraculous.

The people chose the saving of the American way of life over socialism and political incorrectness masquerading and presented to the public as “correctness,” over personal accusations, no matter how many of the personal accusations were true. The American people focused on the message rather than the messenger.

Trump’s victory reminds us of Israel at the time of its creation being attacked by Arabs from every border and beyond, and winning its existential war despite having almost no weapons except the power of prayer to God.
Most of the dramatic military victories in world history – and certainly in our lifetime—can be explained by means of strategy and weaponry. It would be hard to identify any military victory or any other event in our lifetime that seems to have been more miraculous than Trump’s victory in this election.  Let us hope that the miracles will continue.


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