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Tucker Carlson calls out Rob Meathead Reiner over Hollywood’s collusion with China

By —— Bio and Archives--September 22, 2017

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Hollywood loves China. Despite the country’s longstanding tradition of fascism, human rights abuses, and anti-American geopolitical efforts, movie studios just can’t wait to bow down before the Chinese government. A film that bombs in its native U.S. can turn a massive profit - sometimes even earning a sequel - thanks to the power of that sweet, sweet, communist moolah. In short, China spends a lot of money on movies.

...At least, it spends a lot of money on movies approved by its hyper-authoritarian censorship board.

That’s why studios have started tailoring their cinematic ‘masterpieces’ to suit the whims of China’s government.  In some cases, like Iron Man 3, that means they shoot different scenes or add cast Chines movie stars for overseas exhibition.  In others, it means self-censorship so the film will be certified to run in China’s theaters. Sometimes, it means changing the film drastically.  In the case of the infamously bad Red Dawn remake, the enemy nation was changed from China to North Korea, so that China would no longer be the villain.

So, when Hollywood starts screaming about the evils of Russian communism, and the actions of their corrupt, anti-American government, it reeks of hypocrisy.  Yet that’s exactly what they’re doing.  Enter Rob Reiner, who’s joined forces with a gaggle of celebrities to promote awareness of our war with the communist nation that isn’t spending enough of summer blockbusters.

These left-coasters want you to know that Russia has invaded us, at least in the cyber-sense, and we are now “at war” with them.  They make no mention of the fact that China has been behind the same kinds of industrial, political, and governmental intrusions for decades.

Last night, Tucker Carlson had Reiner on to discuss his project.  ...It didn’t go well for the director.

Bet your bottom dollar that if Russia spent as much on movies as China does, they wouldn’t utter a peep

Tucker’s exactly right.

We still have no actual evidence that Russian efforts had anything to do with Hillary’s defeat, but you can rest assured that her loss is the motivating factor. These celebrities, who aren’t celebrated by most of the country, spent millions to prop up the Dems’ disastrous 2016 candidate. Her ascent was halted by a guy they used to love, but now despise, and they’re blaming a nation they promoted as a beacon of enlightenment throughout the 80’s and 90’s.  They’re angry, don’t care about their hypocrisy, and they’re doing anything they can to maintain their worthless narrative.

Bet your bottom dollar that if Russia spent as much on movies as China does, they wouldn’t utter a peep.

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